Formidable Pro: The Best WordPress Form Plugin?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

I have been using several WordPress contact form plugins over the years including using Google Docs as a contact form, Contact Form 7, CForms II, Custom Contact Forms…etc

Many of the free WordPress plugin forms can achieve all the basic functionality you would need, though Captcha is a must with Contact Form 7 or you will find yourself spammed with contact requests from bots in short order (as I did).

When a reader mentioned to me about Formidable Pro and some features it had that I was looking for I decided to contact the company and check it out.  Formidable pro was of interest to me because it was the only WordPress form plugin where you could create custom landing pages after a user submitted the form.  This means they could be taken to a thank you page, or a social connection page in addition to sending out a custom email if you want to configure it thanking them for filling out the form.

Setting Up Your Form

When creating a form with Formidable Pro, it is very easy to add as many fields as you need to the form.  On the right hand side of the screen you can select buttons to match the form field type and then proceed to customize the form field based on your requirements.


By default when a user submits a form with Formidable Pro, they will get a response message that shows up in the same post/page they were in that looks like this:


However, In Formidable Pro, under the Advanced Form Options you have the ability to select your Redirect To:  This is basically what URL the commenter redirects to after they submit the comment.  This could be a thank you page that reminds them to join your mailing list, or simply a page disclosing that you have acknowledged their contact and will get back with them shortly.



Inserting Form in Post

After you finish setting up your form it is extremely easy to insert your form into a page or post, just click on the Formidable button at the top of your WordPress editor and select the form you want to insert.  You can also select whether you want the form title to be displayed or not.


Testing your Form

Remember to always test your forms so that you make sure they work instead of assuming.  This is a good precaution as you could lose business if your contact forms aren’t working.  In this case I just hit my new form and filled out the information and submitted it.


Formidable Pro allows for full CSS styling and customizations for your forms, but at this time I didn’t need to do anything fancy and left the default CSS styling.

When you get an email from Formidable Pro, you can see the table style layout of the information in the form is very easy to read and comes across very well.


(Click to Enlarge Image)

Why Use Formidable Pro?

As a WordPress blogger who has about 4-5 different types of contact forms on this blog I considered Formidable Pro the best WordPress form plugin to meet my needs and it was well worth the initial investment.  Note, as I use several blogs it is probably better to get an unlimited license instead of having a 1 site license.

Formidable Pro has the most user intuitive interface I have ever seen and the ability to replicate forms to start a new form makes it easier if you want a new form with just a few different fields from a previous form.  If you intend to offer services on your WordPress blog or want to have flexibility for the forms you create then you can’t go wrong with Formidable Pro it is worth the investment.

I replaced all other contact forms on this site with Formidable Pro contact forms now.  How many other WordPress bloggers are using Formidable Pro?

-Dragon Blogger


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.