Full Metal Jousting Coming to History Channel

This post does contain a sponsored video to help raise awareness for History Channel’s Full Metal Jousting Show

A reality show where you can watch modern day “wanna be knights” joust could be interesting.  History channel brings this entertainment in Full Metal Jousting where people show how dedicated they are to keep the sport of Jousting alive. My son was very interested in the show since he is very busy playing the Stronghold series of games on weekends lately and is very much into “medieval times” and activities around such things.

It does look a bit gritty though and he may be a little young to watch as some of the jousters appear to get seriously injured and bloodied.

If you are looking to watch a brutal full contact sport, why not give Full Metal Jousting a try?

Check out this preview clip and let me know what you think of the show.

-Dragon Blogger

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