XCOM: Keeping the Dream Alive

In a world infested by linear first-person shooters, the guys at 2K Marin try to differentiate themselves from the crowd and meet the incredibly high expectations. XCOM is one of the franchises that is just as popular now as it was in day one, which makes the upcoming title one of the highly anticipated releases of this spring. Developers concluded that sticking to the first-person recipe and enhancing it with some team-based gameplay should do the trick and satisfy both fans and newcomers.

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The plot is similar, with the elite unit assembled to repel the alien invasion, but it is the way this secret organization is presented that is different. 2K’s take on this is slightly different and instead of introducing the player to a worldwide agency with considerable resources and a vast area of operations, they focus on the American division. This allows the player to concentrate on smaller but equally significant tasks and get fully integrated into a team that becomes a second family.

This favors interaction with other characters, acts as an incentive to learn more about the organization and makes recruiting of new agents more personal. Given the fact that the game takes place in the sixties, XCOM’s resources are limited and players need to outsmart rather than overpower the aliens. The only way to succeed is by assembling the brightest minds and stealing the invaders’ secrets, harness their power and ultimately use it against them.

Don’t let them conquer the Earth

Instead of shooting your way in and out of alien infested buildings, you need to command a three man team and take a more tactical approach in every situation. The enemy is insidious, vastly superior in terms of technology and has just a single goal: to wipe out humanity and claim the planet once its inhabitants are gone. This makes everything more personal and stakes couldn’t be higher, so each time you succeed in fending off an invasion, you should get a feeling of accomplishment.

2K aims to release XCOM in March and for the time being we can only settle with a rather short Demo level and a trailer. Both look nice and do a great job in promoting the game, but the information they disclose is simply too limited to allow any definitive conclusions. Just like those guys in XCOM we can only keep the dream alive and hope for the best. Meanwhile enjoy the XCOM E3 Trailer:

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