Gamdias Zeus P1 LED Gaming Mouse Review

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When reviewing PC Mice I tend to use them for a month before I write a review if I like the mouse, some mice I just don’t like the feel, fit or glide on the mousepad enough and will be finished with the review in a few days.  The Gamdias Zeus P1 mouse is one of the rare mice that makes me put all my other mice away into a bin and make it my primary mouse going forward.

First I will go over the Unboxing of the Gamdias Zeus P1 Mouse

First let’s take a look at the specifications of the Zeus P1 Optical Gaming mouse

Zeus P1 Specifications

  • Tracking Method Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
  • Dimension(LxWxH) 127.26 x 72.45 x 40.85 mm
  • Weight 125g
  • Keys 8 Keys
  • Resolution 1600/2400/5600/8200/10800/12000 DPI (Default 1600)
  • Polling Rate 1000Hz
  • Switch Lifecycle 20 Million
  • USB Cable Length 1.8m
  • Graphical UI Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)
  • 16.8 million colors for dual RGB LED lights

One thing I noticed about the mouse right away was that it was very light weight and as a gaming mouse it didn’t have adjustable weights to help for gamers who want a variable weight mouse, this would end up being the most major feature I would have liked to have seen added to the mouse but after using the mouse for several weeks I can tell you I did get used to it and when I switched back to a much heavier metal base gaming mouse I found it awkward and immediately preferred the smoother and lighter feel of the Zeus P1 so even if you prefer heavy gaming mice this may be worth a try.  I swore I preferred heavy gaming mouse, but something about the Zeus P1 made me realize weight is not the most important feature.


The LED Color pulse options and color patterns are amazing, you have the full 16.8 million color range to choose from.

The 12000 DPI makes this mouse shine when you are playing simulators or FPS games where you need very precise micro-movements.  When you have the mouse DPI set this high you have to adjust the scroll speed as the higher the DPI the faster the mouse flies across the screen when you are moving the mouse across the mousepad.  When adjusted I most noticed the DPI benefit in Elite: Dangerous a space flight combat simulator where you have to line up shots, landings and the extra precision you get when using the high DPI is extremely noticeable and beneficial.  This is also true with Overwatch and particularly true when using Snipers, you have more precise movements with less stutter with a higher DPI which makes it easier to line up headshots or be more precise with your aiming and the Zeus P1 is excellent in this area.

You can switch the DPI at any time and keep a variety of settings in stored profiles with the Gamdias Hera software, this software is excellent for customizing any feature of this mouse from programming macro’s to any of the 8 buttons, to adjusting the colors of the LED lights and breathing patterns of the Zeus P1 mouse.

Macro Management has very precise settings where not only can you define movements and keys but the time delay in executing each command which you can tie to a single mouse button.


In final thoughts the mouse is fantastic and the software to customize the mouse and their keyboards is also top notch, the mouse only misses 5 stars by not having more thumb buttons and adjustable weights for those who want it.  I also though it could use wing tips on the side of the mouse like the Gamdias Erebos laser mouse or the Zeus GMS 1100 mouse. A solid 4.5 stars however and this mouse made me a believer that I didn’t need a weighted mouse to have a comfortable gaming mouse.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.