Game on PC with a Ballistic Joystiq!

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Welcome back, game players of all sorts, and especially PC gamers (because, quite frankly, this article is directed at you anyway)! Today, we present to you some epic PC gaming deals, from First-Person Shooters to Survival Horror, with a nice little cornucopia of other gems in between. So kick back, chillax, and get your virtual (or physical) wallets ready, because it’s time for the jump!

First up, we have the latest of the Bundle Stars PC Game bundles, called the “Ballistic Bundle“, which I can only assume is based on the fact that there’s so much explosive action in there, that “ballistic” is the only accurate adjective that can properly describe the contents. Anyway, here we go folks, get ready to get your game on!

 bundle stars ballistic bundle game deals

That’s right, folks, TEN GREAT GAMES, all at a measly little price tag of just $3.49 USD! Starting off with Wickland (this is a get-in-and-play-now Early Access game), from Mad Ram Software – a game that’s very much inspired by old-school FPS games, but also is apparently influenced by Bioshock and Painkiller, this beast of a bundle is taking off with a huge BANG! Next up, we have Waves, from Squid In A Box, Ltd., and is a twin-stick type shooter that can be played by pretty much anyone, but also gets challenging as you progress (just how we like it, right?). Third on the list is Enemy Mind, brought to you by Schell Games, and is a retro shooter unlike any other. You get to play as a being made of pure energy, which allows you to morph into all different kinds of ships, enabling you to be able to take on any enemy that comes your way. In at fourth, we have the Guns and Robots: Terminator Pack (DLC for the Free-To-Play Guns and Robots base game – what I like to call an “awesome arena shooter on drugs”, haha!), dropping in from Masthead Studios, Ltd., and with a huge bang in-and-of-itself! In slot 5, Rezoner bring us QbQbQb, a new arcade-style casual game for players of all skill levels, offering co-op and head-to-head gaming, designed to bring gamers of all skill levels together. Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a cel-shaded top-down-angled-view puzzler, brought to us by the great minds at Niffler, Ltd. and Nkidu Games, Inc., and it appears to be quite interesting as well, especially if you’re into puzzle games (as I am, because it’s nice to have a real challenge once in awhile, rather than just bang-bang or zoom-zoom all the time). Paired up with the game is the soundtrack and even some DLC as well – a nifty little bonus. Panzer Tactics HD rolls onto the battle field next, thanks to the fine folks over at Sproing and bitComposer Games. It’s pretty well the same game as the one that was on Nintendo DS, but it’s newer, updated, on Steam, and more awesome. It’s a standard strategy kind of game, similar to say, Risk, or something of that nature, but it’s still a decent game nonetheless. If you feel you’re ready (or really don’t care either way, and just want to dive in regardless) for it, a new – and albeit backwards – take on platformer games is just begging for your attention. Moonwalking it’s way onto your PC – thanks to MEGAFUZZ and tinyBuild – is the hilarious side-scrolling platformer Spoiler Alert. It looks like Adventure Time + Super Mario Bros., and (in case you didn’t catch the play on words) you play it… backwards! How’s that for interesting? Well, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps the magic-filled structural-strategy game Tiestru might just do the trick. Blasted into existence by Warlock Arts, this new take on defensive strategy allows you to get very creative, but also isn’t cumbersome (as some of this kind are)… plus there’s MAGIC! Games with magic are always fun (cuz it’s magic, duh!)!

The next site to offer up some great gaming, is the ever-awesome Humble Bundle! In this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle, we’re looking at a selection of games hand-picked by those great folks over at Joystiq. Available are up to 7 games and 3 soundtracks. The reason I say up to is because you pay at least the minimum $1 USD to get the first 4, then pay at least $6 USD to unlock the next 2, and if you pay at least $15 USD, you’ll unlock game #7.

humble bundle joystiq bundle game

Starting off the PC game blast from Humble Bundle this week, we have Beat Hazard Ultra + Shadow Operations Unit DLC – a side-scrolling music-driven arcade shooter that is just a literal blast to play, brought to you by Cold Beam Games. After that, the assault continues with Intake, or as Humble Bundle says “the new retro-futuristic drugstep arcade shooter”, dropping on your tongue by the hands of Cipher Prime Studios. Prepare to have your mind blown, legally, by a trippy game unlike any other. The next blast to your brain cells comes by means of the RPG Dungeon-Crawler game Dungeon of Elements. Those crazy cats at Frogdice are serving you a healthy helping of dungeon crawls, puzzler-styled combat, and claustrophobia, all wrapped up in a digital ball of yum! If, by this time, you’re already getting settled in, The Dream Machine (Chapters 1-4) is awaiting your presence. Chock-full of adventure, and brought to you by The Sleeping Machine, this game pits you as the husband component of a wife-and-hubby team, who’ve discovered that their new home isn’t quite as it appears to be, and needs investigating. The graphics were created by hand, not digitally, using many different elements, from cardboard to clay, and has helped to win this adventure game many awards already. If that’s not enough to make your brain scream out in agony, then perhaps you will take the next pay grade up and dive into Slender: The Arrival? Blue Isle Studios and Midnight City are also giving you the soundtrack to this title, which ought to help on those nights when you really need to keep yourself awake, even if it means scaring the ever-loving crap out of yourself to do it! A survival horror, based on an urban legend, and accompanied the world over by fan-fiction and other types of creepy-pasta-ferocity, Slender: The Arrival will haunt you even in your day dreams, quite possibly for all eternity. It’s ok though, it’s fun, I promise. *huge grin* If you’d rather just stomp around, destroying and feeling like a dinosaur with roid-rage, then perhaps Primal Carnage is right up your alley. According to Humble Bundle, “Primal Carnage is an online multiplayer shooter that immerses its players in skilled PVP combat, team-based strategy, and savage class-oriented matches unlike any you’ve previously experienced — be it an armed human mercenary or a cunning dinosaur, Primal Carnage is sure to unleash the inner beast in anyone who seeks to survive amongst the fittest.” It’s certainly grown a lot, since initial launch, and is actually pretty fun now. Shout outs go to Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing for this sweet game. Last on this list is quite possibly one of the most fun, hilarious and clean-cut games on the market, the always-fun-to-pick-up-and-play Costume Quest 2, from Double Fine, Majesco and Midnight City. RPG games should always be fun, and this one’s no different on that take. In everything else, it kind of is, however. Lots of humor, squad-style dungeon crawling, graphics that are in HD, yet reminiscent of Playstation 1 adventure games (think MediEvil, for instance), this game is robust and fun for gamers of all ages.

In addition to those 2, Indie Royale is also doing sweet indie game bundles as well, for those of us interested in some new and refreshing games. Take a quick gander and check out what’s under the hood this go-round. I present to you, The Debut 21 bundle!

indie royale bundle game 1

Urja, from Hadrionyork, is a puzzler and an FPS wrapped in one, that requires stealth and cunning to beat. It takes place in a middle-ages-styled setting. Next up, Woodsy Studios invites you into their interactive visual novel Quantum Conscience. You’ll traverse a science-fiction adventure, where you’ve been granted the ability to read others’ minds. Third on the list is another 3D cube-rolling puzzle game, called Fake Colours. I don’t know about you, but I actually find these to be quite entertaining, and this one appears no different in that regard. Plus the games creators, Forthright Entertainment give us some pretty shiny colo(u)rs to play with. That has to count for something, right? Everyone likes shiny! If you’re into F1 racing (I honestly prefer Formula 1 over any racing types), then you’ll want to check out F1 Chequered Flag, from Xing Interactive. It’s very reminiscent of Playstation 2 F1 racing games, and isn’t anything uber-spectacular (it doesn’t bring anything new to the table), but considering this bundle’s only $2.44 USD and this game is tossed in with the other 7, why not give it a try? Anyway, we’re now at game #5, and this one is pretty nice. Take the eery ominousness and visual style of LIMBO, add the mechanics and general style of Super Meat Boy, and you have Just Get Through, from the great minds over at Retrific. Weighing in at a rather – er – colorific #6, we have ILAMENTIA, which apparently was developed with the idea of “Hey, dudes, let’s make a game while we’re trippin’ balls on acid!”, because, well, this thing would make hippies have nightmares, haha. I’m in no way dissing this game, in case you were wondering. If anything, it actually intrigues me. Caiysware get the credit for this brain-imploding trip-fest. Following that, we have Miner Warfare – a game for up to 8 simultaneous players, who play gold-digging miners that chop dirt blocks in a race against each other, to become wealthy gold-digging miners… and yes, you read that correctly. Anyway, give a shout out to HeartBit Interactive for this one (not you, Kanye, you can just move on to the next one). Last, but not least, I present to you… The Ingenious Machine (New & Improved Edition)! Basically, it’s a better rendition of Crazy Machines. There’s a little more you can do with it, and it’ll get better with updates, but still it’s basically another version of that game series.

For even more fun (well I don’t know if it is for you or not, but it’s up to you to decide), check out Indie Royale’s The Discovery Bundle. This one nets you 6 games, for a mere $3.57 USD.

indie royale bundle game 2

I’ll give you the quick rundown of what’s in store for you in this one. #1 is Bloodrayne: Betrayal, the latest in the vampire franchise from Majesco Entertainment, with lots more hack, slash & suck-their-blood action. #2 is Biglands: A Game Made By Kids, which kind of just puts it right out there for you, but is an adventure game that pits you on a quest to save the world. I mean, what else would an adventure game made by kids have you do? Yeah, don’t answer that, haha. You can thank one mister Diego Acevido for that title. Anyway, #3 is Lost Chronicles Of Zerzura, from Cranberry Productions. Apparently your brother is kidnapped by “the Inquisition”, and to get him back, you have to go on an adventure that forces you to solve riddles, puzzles and other crazy stuff. The trailer video doesn’t really clue you in on what it entails, much, but it still looks like it could be a fun adventure game nonetheless. #4 is Square Heroes, and is presented by GnomicStudios. Admittedly, I find this one humorous and interesting. It’s a side-scroller, it’s an arena shooter, and it’s chock full of humor. Blast away and laugh your arsenal off while you’re at it, this game will blast your gut from inside and out! The trophy for 5th place goes to House Of 1,000 Doors: The Palm Of Zoroaster. This little ditty is the latest in hidden object puzzle gaming, with more than just your typical stylizations. It has a real story, decent animation, and actual AI interaction. Give Viva Media, Mystery Masters and Alawar a thanks for this little gem. Last on the list, #6, is Castle: Never Judge A book By It’s Cover, from Gunnar Games. It’s another point-and-click sort of adventure, similar to the CSI games – for those of you who’ve played those. Instead of CSI, however, this one is a new story for the TV show Castle. Before I forget, they also have a daily deal – though I don’t know why it’s called that, since it runs for a good 3 days – and this time they’ve Crimsonland on the chopping block. Hordes are surrounding you, you have guns, guns and more guns. It’s a bloody good time, and you’re at the center of it all. What a blast! Brought to you by 10Tons.

indie royale bundle game 3

Lastly, if you’re looking for more, GamersGate has just launched their Warner Bros. Games week, with 37 different games and DLC packs available, for up to 75% off. From Batman to F.E.A.R., this sale is blasting from all angles with punches, kicks and gun blasts of all kinds. If you’re looking for some mobile gaming goodness, Kingdom Rush Origins  (and it’s HD version) just popped up in the Apple store, under iOS games. It’s an RPG-looking Tower Defense game, and it won’t break the bank to acquire either ($2.99 USD for regular, $4.99 USD for HD).

I know it’s a lot of games to check out, but just imagine how it was for me to compile all of this, haha. Anyway, it’s getting late, I need some rest, so until next time… I’m Ronald DMNKLR Smith, saying getcha’ game on, and letting you know that I want to know what you want to know about. Goodnight everybody!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.