Gaming on Your TV: What are the Options?

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It is quite certain that Benjamin Yahtzee Croshaw ruled the day when he coined the term ‘PC Master Race’. Not only is the term the paramount of cringe, but is also no longer relevant when it comes to gaming. 

Not only are the consoles reaching the level of an average gaming PC, but many people now use their PC rigs as de facto consoles to play on their TV using a controller rather than mouse and keyboard.

Because of the rise in technical capabilities, people are now free to game as they like. Some, who are more competitive will still like to use a high-refresh-rate monitor to get even the narrowest of edges. But, those in pursuit of comfort and relaxation will opt to play on their TV.

All platforms can now be played on the TV, including mobile gaming and browser games. And the experience is quite enjoyable. You can lie down on your couch and play masterful driving games. Also, grand strategies like the Total War series, or even Stellaris, look magnificent on a 65-inch 4K television set.

Lower Performance, Better Experience

There is no getting around the fact that some games, especially competitive games, play better on the keyboard and mouse. Shooters and RTS games simply need a nice panning device and a lot of keys to bind commands.

The difference may be in just a couple of frames and a couple of seconds, but that is what makes the difference between the first and the last place in the competition. This is also why online arenas usually have a mechanic to match people playing on the controller with others who have the same tools.

But, most people are not competitive gamers. If you want to have a good time and relax, you will probably be better off in front of the TV. The bigger screen will increase immersion, and you can use better and larger speakers in your living room, adding to the quality of the games you play.

Large 4K TV’s give you a lot more viewable real estate but often at the cost of maxing out at 60hz which means you can’t get over 60fps in games in games, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of TV’s vs Gaming Monitors.

Catching up to Gaming Monitors

There are several aspects where TVs were always behind gaming monitors. Even when resolutions and picture quality became the same, the responsiveness of the screen was never able to catch up.

But, modern television devices are coming really close in these regards, and you can even find 4K TVs that have a response time under 8ms and refresh rates of 144Hz.

They are not exactly at the same level only when it comes to input lag. For high-end gaming PC systems, this will fall under 20ms, while few TV models will offer times under 40ms. This is expected for consoles but will create issues for FPS players, as well as others where split-second actions are the difference between winning or losing.

PC Gaming

There is a display port on one side and a USB controller on the other, meaning that nothing can stop you from playing your PC on your television set. Additionally, with Steam’s UI adaptable to this situation, you can turn your PC into the most powerful console in existence.

The best games to play this way are ‘drivers’. Titles like Forza Horizon 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0 are just some of the best games you can play in this genre, with a large selection of cars and dozens upon dozens of tracks.

Console Gaming

Consoles have come a long way, and with the next generations everything will improve yet again. Also, there are some games that are exclusive to the PlayStation and the Xbox, which can be considered masterpieces of the industry.

The latest God of War is not only a great game when it comes to mechanics, but also have a deep and enthralling story that will resonate with a lot of people.

Seeing Kratos dealing with his son on one side and with monsters and gods on the other is weirdly wholesome and satisfying.

Phone Games

This article is sponsored by RAID: SH… just kidding.

In all honesty, Raid: SL is not a bad game and a great way to grind your time away, but there are better options. 

There are excellent RPG titles like Battle Chasers: Night War that really evoke some nostalgia for the golden age of RPG gaming. Not to mention the ported games like KOTOR that are bringing old gems to new generations.

All of these games can be easily broadcasted from your phone to your TV and played on a much bigger screen.

There are also different live casino games that can be played by casting them on the TV. Generally, they are a good party option if you don’t have the Wii.

Using the Smart TV Browser

For smart TVs, there is also the option to play games directly from the TVs native internet browser. In many cases, this is the simplest way to play games when other options are not available.

This way you can play social games like eRepublik or Tribal Wars, as well as all of the slot games that generally are played via the browser on all platforms. Even though TV processors aren’t the fastest, there are more than enough to enjoy your time doing absolutely nothing and being a couch potato after a hard day.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.