Meet Gamma : The Perfect Travel Jacket For Any Season

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If I tell you that there is a jacket that can keep you warm in the winter, cool in summer, and dry during monsoon, would you believe me? Probably not, right? I mean, how is that even possible? Well, the answer is Graphene. Graphene is a material that’s 1000 times thinner than paper and 200x stronger than steel. Graphene is currently the thinnest, hardest, and most flexible known material known to exist. Graphene is a fantastic material for making clothes out of as it is water-resistant, anti-bacterial, light, durable, and has heat-preserving properties. With that said, we will be having a look at Gamma, a graphene-based travel jacket that is perfect for any type of weather. Let’s find out more about it.

Design and Fit

Gamma is a multi-functional all-climate jacket. It features a sleek design that can be worn over any outfit and yet appear stylish. It comes equipped with ten pockets including many concealed pockets, where you may safely store your important and valuable items. The zippers are waterproof to prevent water from seeping inside the pocket. Gamma has velcro cuffs, retractable sleeve cuffs, and adjustable hood and waist drawstrings for a comfortable fit.

How Graphene Changes The Clothing Game

Suitable For All Climates

Gamma is the best choice for any season With its graphene properties, Gamma is able to distribute heat evenly throughout the body thanks to its latticed structure and keeps your body warm during winter. During summertime, when the weather is hot, Gamma wicks moisture and expels heat to keep you comfortable. The jacket is also water-resistant and will keep the body dry during the monsoon.

In-built Heating

Apart from the jacket generally keeping the body warm, during extremely cold conditions, you can choose to enable Gamma’s heaters. Gamma has three carbon fiber heating devices integrated into the jacket which can be turned on with the press of a button. The carbon heaters may be fueled by any power bank and can reach temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F, with graphene evenly distributing the heat throughout the body.

Now the main concern for most people would be that, will it catch on fire if the power bank-powered heater is used for a longer duration? The answer is no. Since graphene has thermoregulating properties, there is no chance of it catching fire.

Lightweight and Travel Friendly

One of the most annoying parts of traveling during winter is carrying all the heavy winter clothing. Winter jackets are not only heavy but also take up too much space. In the case of Gamma, since it uses graphene, it is very lightweight, easy to carry, and barely takes up any luggage space.


Graphene is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic materials, which means it can withstand allergens such as pollen and mites. It’s all-natural, and it’s safe for all skin types, especially those prone to allergies.

Highly Durable

Gamma is a tough and long-lasting outdoor jacket. It is scratch-proof, tear-proof, puncture-proof, and abrasion-proof since it is constructed of graphene, a substance harder than diamond. Knives and other sharp items can harm your clothes, but Gamma is impervious to them.


Graphene has antimicrobial properties which prevent odor-causing pollutants from developing on the jacket. Through ionic conduction, graphene interacts with sweat scents and neutralizes the odor. This way, you can wear Gamma for longer periods without the need to wash it frequently.

UV Protection

Everyone knows how harmful UV rays are to the human skin. Most jackets do not provide enough protection from UV rays as they can penetrate through the clothing. Gamma is a 100+ SPF-rated graphene jacket that repels UV rays and protects the skin from sunburns and skin damage.

Closing Thoughts

Gamma is a great innovation that incorporates graphene’s brilliant characteristics into a jacket. UV protection, waterproofing, antibacterial properties, excellent durability, thermoregulation, and many more advantages are all included in Gamma, thanks to graphene. Gamma also has an integrated heater that can be charged by any power bank to keep you warm in chilly weather. Gamma is now available for $295 with a 40% discount, which may seem a little expensive to some, but I believe the benefits outweigh the cost. I’m inclined to purchase one for myself once the pandemic situation has calmed down and I can resume my outdoor travels. Gamma will undoubtedly be the ideal outfit for any season. Let us know what you think about Gamma in the comments.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.