Gearbest Autumn Bumper Harvest Sale

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Gearbest is running an extensive autumn sale right now over on their store and there are many different deals, specials and offers to take advantage of.  One is their special discount and PayPal special offer where new members to Gearbest get an extra PayPal discount of $3 off any order totaling $50 or more on PC and mobile sites.  This discount is valid from 9/11 @01:00 to 9/15 @01:00 UTC and for the first paid orders of the new members of  This discount is also limited to the first 3000 orders per day.

The other PayPal discount is $5 off orders of $40 or more on the Gearbest APP, so you get an extra $2 if you download the Gearbest app and order from it.  This discount is also valid from 9/11 @01:00 to 9/18 @01:00 UTC (extra 3 days) and is limited to the first 2000 orders per day.  So get Gearbest on iTunes or Gearbest on Google Play and shop from the mobile app.


Now for the Gearbest Harvest Sale you are going to have to check the sale page often because they have different deals starting at different times.

Example, at the top of each deal you will see either when the deal starts or when it ends if the deal is already live.

Xiaomi Air 13 13.3 inch NotebookThe Xiaomi Air 13 deal is an example of a fantastic deal where you could pick up this 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5-6200u Dual Core 2.3GHz processor, 256GB SSD drive notebook which has a 13″ screen and Windows 10 for only $682.99 which is a fantastic deal and an unbelievable price for the feature set.  You also get USB Type-C and HDMI Out as well as the screen is full 1080p.

The Air 13 are very much similar to the Dell XPS 13 or Surface Book tablets and though they don’t have detachable keyboards make excellent notebooks if you are in college or need to carry your notebook to coffee shops or whatnot to work, write and surf the web.  Though they aren’t high end gaming laptops the integrated graphics processor will be sufficient for most low end and browser games with ease.  You won’t have trouble with CCG games like Hearthstone or most indie games either.

This deal is definitely recommended.

Need something just a little smaller and slightly cheaper?  You can get a coupon for the Lenovo Ideapad Air 12 for only $653.19 right now it has a 12″ screen and only 4GB RAM though so I would recommend trying for the Air 13 if you have a little extra as you get a more powerful system.

Want something a little beefier?   Gearbest also has a Group Share deal as well, where if enough people share a deal it unlocks the coupon.  Included in this deal is the excellent MSI GL62M 7REX – 1252CN Gaming Laptop which sports the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 Ti GDDR5 Graphics and is an excellent budget gaming laptop.  This laptop is currently retailing for $1097.63 but if will go down to $989 if there are 200 shares.


There literally is a ton more for sale at this Autumn Harvest thing going on at Gearbest too.  For example they have an Intel sale where you can get great deals on all hardware that uses Intel processors.  Example would be the CHUWI Hi10 Pro 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC with Keyboard which has 4GB of RAM and has a crazy 50% off deal where you can pick up this full functioning Windows 10 tablet computer for only $94.99.

So take a look at the various deals and coupons, see what grabs you whether it is one of the many unlocked android phones, tablets, drones or 3d printers.  Let me know if you grabbed any deals and what you got if you did.  Remember Gearbest has free shipping worldwide so this makes them more advantageous if you live in one of the 200+ countries they ship to!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.