Geekbuying Deal of the Day – Ramsta 480GB SSD for Only $69

Making sure you have enough space on your computer is a problem that almost everyone has at some point. A good SSD can help your computer work better and also give it more space. Take a look at the Ramsta SSD and see if it’s a good choice for you.

Ramsta S600 480GB SATA3 High Speed SSD Solid State Drive Hard Disk 2.5 Inch – Red

The Ramsta S600 SSD is here to help your computer perform at its best. It’s optimized for Windows systems, and you’ll see an instant boost as soon as you plug it in. As a reliable SSD, it has quite a few safety features built-in so it can handle heat, cold, and almost anything else you can throw at it. The Ramsta also doesn’t need a lot of energy to run, so you can save money on your electric bill too.


  • 480 GB
  • Built-in safety features: shockproof, low temperature resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-static, anti-magnetic, anti-x-ray
  • 8 key technologies
  • High speed read and write performance with Sequential Read: Max. 550MB/s and Sequential Write:  Max. 440MB/s
  • StaticDataRefresh technology to keep your data safe
  • 2 year warranty


Buy now for $69.99

Use coupon code: OSNKRSEK
Valid through 9/18/2018

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