Whats the Tallest Creature You Have Seen in No Man’s Sky so Far?

So in my journeys through the cosmos taking photo’s next to random life forms, I have found the king of all beasts so far.  This acorn eyed land crab spider monstrosity wasn’t an aggressive carnivore fortunately.  He stood still long enough for me to position myself perfectly beside him and take a photo just showing how massive this creature is who towers over even abandoned buildings and my space craft.

It doesn’t seem that size/mass increases a creatures hit points very much as these giant beasts get killed virtually as easily as the smaller bests, and there have been tougher carnivores that are much smaller in size.  I mean it takes more hits and duration to kill than a small herbivore, but not as much as you would think for it’s size.  You also can’t feed beasts this large or at least I haven’t found any that can be fed to become sort of domesticated and drop coprite for you.

What is the largest creature you have found so far in No Man’s Sky?  Feel free to share your creature pics in the comments.

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