How to Get Amazon Editorial Recommendations for Your Brand with Seller Rocket

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Are you an existing Amazon seller with a quality product and feel like your products just aren’t getting the attention they deserve? Do you feel like people never see your product due to the other products on the market practically crowding you out of every search despite not having the same level of quality, creative drive, or even effort put into them? Seller Rocket is here to help with Amazon Editorial Recommendations! “What’s an Editorial Recommendation?” you’re probably setting at your computer or mobile device asking me through your tired, likely fed up with all the nonsense view. Well, I’m glad you asked!

An Editorial Recommendation is an article written by a reputable publisher about your product, pushed to the front of certain keyword search results! This means that if you search something like, say “Top Pre-built PCs” you’ll find a nice blurb from an article written about your product, along with what may even be other products you sell, recommended to you! This captures more visual real estate enticing people to purchase your product more and more the more they see! Independent reviewers write reviews about your product, and they’re pushed to the front capturing all the eyes of a waiting audience on offer for you. Now let’s discuss the benefits of this service, and why you, as a seller, would want to purchase this for your product.


Benefits of choosing Seller Rocket for your Amazon Editorial

First off, you’ll build brand awareness and trust. Nobody wants to buy from a brand they don’t know except when choosing food in a supermarket, it’s just as simple as that, so using Seller Rocket
buys you more visual real estate. The more someone sees something, the more it’s engrained in their mind as a trustworthy and reputable brand. Look at big corporations for solid examples of this. Mcdonalds? Known nationwide because even if you have never touched fast food in your life, you’ve seen their logo or a commercial somewhere, or even heard friends, family, or co-workers talking about them BECAUSE they’ve seen a promotion somewhere

They also GUARANTEE front-page product visibility. This is huge because frankly the average consumer scrolls for maybe thirty seconds, finds something that fits what they’re looking for if they don’t have a specific product in mind, and that’s it. That’s your chance to hook them and sell your product, gone. You really have to get your foot in the door right then and there, and Seller Rocket isn’t just a foot, it’s a bat jammed in their doorframe as they go to shut it in your face. Hopefully, that analogy hits home (sorry, I love puns.).

Already paying for Ads and feeling like they aren’t having an impact? Seller Rockets editorial service will boost your PPC Ad efficiency as well. This can end up both saving and making you money in the long run, and let’s be real, PPC advertising is an expensive process so you can use every single leg up you can get. You wouldn’t wanna spend two hundred dollars on an advertisement for your product just to not see a return on your investment, would you?

Buying a recommendation will also improve SEO performance drastically. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) essentially determines how well your product is seen when someone is specifically looking for it. Basically think about trying to find a ball in a ball pit. Telling you to look for something spherical will get you nowhere, but if your product is the only red ball in a pit full of white balls, people searching for it will find it faster. Relevant keywords are used to push your product to the absolute top.

Seller Rocket also promises to improve your conversions. What’s a conversion? Well, it’s a simple concept that measures the number of clicks on your Amazon AD that turn into sales. So what they’re offering you is persuasion. People will see your AD and rather than a simple product description, that may not make an impact on their choice to buy your product, a reviewer will put in the time and effort to sell your product to the masses for a modest fee, returning your investment in the service and then some. In general Seller Rockets whole goal is to drive your sales to the moon if you don’t mind another pun. This is insanely valuable and yet they offer it to you at affordable rates that if you’re managing your business as well as I think you are (you are reading an article on dragonbloggers after all), will practically pay for itself.


Final Thoughts on Seller Rockets service

Between being an absolute boon to everything you could possibly do as an Amazon seller, and offering a dashboard with live sales and performance data allowing you to track the performance of each article, product repositioning, and refreshes that also updates when your articles go live with appropriate links, AND shows your voice reporting, this service is absolutely packed to the gills with value at a fraction of what other editorial services cost. They also have an excellent support service for anyone having issues with their editorial that would like to make revisions, a blog and podcast, and are partnered with many other brands that will help you push your own brand as far as it can go and beyond, all for a modest cost that is a fantastic investment in the long run if you stick with it. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.