Get Free Terrarium TV and Choose the Best Free VPNs for Android

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Terrarium TV is an Android app, which can get you all the high-quality TV streaming services and HD videos from across to globe to your Android devices. Unlike the P2P streaming followed by many other such apps, Terrarium TV functions as a streaming device by its own. It has a very flexible UI and also man top features which makes it a fantastic streaming app.

Terrarium TV download

For downloading Terrarium TV, follow the below steps:

1. Access Play Store and search for Terrarium TV.

2. Download Terrarium TV APK first.

3. Go to phone settings and turn on the download from unknown sources option.

4. Find the downloaded APK and run it for the installation to start.

5. It will take a while, and once the installation is done, you can see the icon of terrarium tv to open and operate it.

Kodi vs. Terrarium TV

Kodi is another video streaming app, as an alternative to Terrarium TV, but experts say that Terrarium TV has some advantages over Kodi. Here are some of those advantages of making Terrarium TV a better choice.

  • Faster HD streaming sources.
  • Supports all Android devices including TV & TV boxes
  • Access to 4K videos
  • Easy subtitles support
  • Easy download of videos to local storage for viewing later.
  • User-friendly interface
  • A large collection of classic and latest movies
  • Supports Firestick
  • Easy sorting of the videos like Classic, latest, Movies, TV Shows, etc.

Free VPNs for Android

While using Terrarium TV to access content, it is recommended to use a good VPN client also to keep yourself protected and anonymous. While downloading Terrarium TV, an apt VPN will help you in streaming videos safely.

It is very popular now among the users to download VPNs for Android devices. The VPN services are also now becoming so streamlined and purpose-specific for consumers to enjoy more choices. For optimum security and speed, it is always advisable to use the premium VPNs, but for basic needs, there are plenty of free VPN s also to try. Let’s look into some best free VPN for android options.

1. NordVPN free trial

Even though it comes as a paid VPN, Nord offers a free trial for 30 days, after which the customers can get the money back. This can be used as the best free deal to assess its features and then decide whether to continue. NordVPN has many user-friendly features, and it is also quickly downloadable. Offering excellent speed, NordVPN also offers access to a large number of channels including Netflix.

2. Windscribe

This is a wonderful Android VPN used by many as it offers top-end security and optimum privacy on the internet. Windscribe VPN has a friendly interface where the settings and menus are easily understandable by the users. The data limit is 10GB. Windscribe has 11 servers, and the minimum speed guarantee is 30Mbps.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is considered to be one top choice among the free VPNs used for Android. It follows a no-log policy and also ensures privacy. Data limit is 500MB per month, and you can get it increased by sharing tweets about the company up to 1.5GB per month. There are 22 servers.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.