Get New and Pre-Order Game Discounts with Amazon Prime

So you know you already get free 2-day shipping, Prime Video on Demand, Prime Music and much more, but Amazon Prime members now get 20% off when they pre-order new games or order new games within 2 weeks of release.  This is yet another bonus and benefit of being an Amazon Prime member, and this means typically if you buy 5 new games per year, the savings virtually equals the cost of a 6th game for free!

Of course, I have been an Amazon Prime member since it was first offered, as a product reviewer I get about 15-20 products from Amazon every month and I have always ordered a relatively large volume of product from Amazon. We have 3 Kindle Fire HDX devices in my house, the Fire TV, and my kids purchase many of their eBooks from Kindle store.  I even buy my audiobooks from Audible which is owned by Amazon (wish it had some free Audible options with PRIME membership).

Prime will often contain some video content that isn’t on Netflix that is mainstream, but their collection of original content is growing and they took some Golden Globes whereas Netflix didn’t.  Amazon is also reportedly working on providing some live network broadcasts or access to other networks through it’s service too, so it can be a centralized hub to get other premium network video on demand services through a single platform.

Prime is Prime, and is a service that I think gives you far more than the value of it’s subscription, it is especially worth it if you order and have a lot of products delivered on Amazon, the shipping savings alone saves hundreds of dollars per year for me.

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