GoldFlower Double USB Car Charger Review

Normally I don’t take on USB Car chargers to review anymore because they are so common and pretty much offer the same feature brand by brand, it is just how many ports do you need and what is the best price.  But GoldFlower offered something slightly different and so I agreed to review their Double USB Card charger.

As you can see just from it being inside the box, the main feature is that the GoldFLower Double USB Car Charger not only has 2 USB ports, but comes with a retractable USB plug that supports both MicroUSB and Lightning devices.


There is a center button that retracts the cable when you extend it, and the cable which extends to 3′ is pretty long and can easily reach from the front outlet port in the car to the back to charge devices for people behind you while driving.  The one built in plug actually has 2 heads, a MicroUSB head that plugs into a Lightning head and you can detach and use one head or the other, so this makes it out of box ready for any USB charging device based on those two charging ports, without you having to use a separate cable.

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It does support 2 USB ports as mentioned, so all together you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time from a single car charging port.  This makes the GoldFlower Dual Port USB Car charger a recommended product in my opinion because if you only have a single device, you don’t need to leave a separate cord in the car.

Here is the Video Review from the Car

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