Google Glass Explorer Program Launches

Today Google Glass becomes available to the public, and if you are looking to pick up Google Glass here is the website to do so. You can simply sign up to receive news, or actually sign up for a spot to purchase Google Glass and become an explorer.  So far the requirements are that you live in the United States and are 18 years or older, as Google is still testing the waters and feedback is their primary focus as more people start experimenting with Google Glass, testing out applications and providing feedback on the platform.

google glass

The interesting this is obviously visually enhanced displays are the key to the future, and Google Glass which is designed for everyday war or Oculus Rift for Gaming and other features are merely signs that technology to enhance vision and that rests over your eyes is the next phase of integration with our lifestyle and putting more information directly in our line of sight rather than at our fingertips.  Why pick up your phone to look at it, when you have the time, basic info right at the corner of your eye all the time?

I see myself leveraging Google Glass for things like walking on a treadmill and reading news or watching live streaming in real time without having to lug my iPad or iPhone with me and hold it, brace it, it is more fluid and natural to walk even quickly with glasses on.  I was walking in the streets of downtown San Francisco a few months ago, and was using Maps on my iPhone and hated having to keep holding it and looking at it, or pulling it out of the holster to see what streets were up ahead.  I can definitely see how having that info right displayed and overlayed without obstructing your vision would be beneficial.

What other uses can you see for Google Glass, what would you like to do with it and what would you use it for if you had a copy of Google Glass?

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