Google Plus Starts Rolling out Custom Profile Links

I had an email from Google that they had pre-selected a custom URI for my profile and I was quick to accept it.  My custom Google+ profile URL no longer contains that long crazy number string and Google Plus was far behind other services in letting you hand out a simplified profile URL you can just share with your friends that had your name or brand in the URL itself.  (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and just about every other service already offered this).


So Google+ apparently puts a + before your custom profile URL but I don’t see any way for users to create their own, so other than the ones who are lucky enough to get the suggested one by Google you do have the option to choose another one.

We’re introducing custom URLs for a select group of people on Google+. A custom URL is a short, easy-to-remember web address that makes it easier to direct people to your Google+ profile. Learn more.

We’ve pre-approved the following URL for you:

So it’s pretty cool I can just tell people to find my Google+ at now, simply, quick and makes it easier to find my Google+ profile.

Now if only I can get my BusinessPage on Google+ to have I would be all setup.

Who else had an early invite to get a custom profile URL for Google+?

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