Havit HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

Just last week James had his review published of the Havit HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard and what sets this gaming keyboard apart from others is the fact that it not only has 13 programmable macro buttons, but it has multiple color profiles that can be set for different areas of the keyboard.  This gaming keyboard also has 19 non-conflict keys and though isn’t true mechanical will appeal to mechanical keyboard fans by not having any conflict because let’s face it, who presses 19+ keys at the same time?

You will notice this keyboard also boasts super quiet keys, so unlike the spring back click of mechanical keys, if you want silence which honestly some people do want as the clicking while I like bothers everyone around me, then this is the keyboard for you.

Enter for Your Chance to Win the Havit HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard

Havit HV-KB346L Gaming Keyboard Giveaway

Make sure you do as many entry options as possible to maximize your chances of winning, also the viral refer-a-friend option has the potential to drastically increase your number of entries, so use that link and share wherever you frequent online. Shipping is free to U.S. only, if you live outside the U.S. you will have to cover shipping expenses.

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