Uqique Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

Recently in one of the newer product categories we got to test out the Uqique Mini Digital Voice recorders, and this device which is very small has two very specific functions and the primary is to record conversations, meetings or audio notes so that you can playback and listen to them later.  The voice recorder is about the size of a small USB thumb drive measuring just 1.8 x 0.7 x 0.2 inches and it fits in your pocket or anywhere with ease.

Here is my video review:


Here is a sound clip recording from the device itself to show you how the audio is loud (a bit buzzy) but the recorder was 2′ from my mouth, you can literally put this thing under  desk or on a desk and record voices from over 8′ away with ease, which means you can use this to record lectures, conferences, or even conversations discreetly (though remember it isn’t legal in the U.S. to record other people without consent).  I don’t condone secretly recording people with intent to blackmail or hold something said against them later on, but this is something the product is capable of doing.

Sound Clip:

Playback is easy, the moment you plug in earbuds it goes into playback mode and you can listen to the recordings.  The one weakness of this product is the poor quality earbuds provided, but everyone should have earbuds laying around and the iPhone earbuds work perfectly.

Now there are 2 folders on this Uqique Mini Digital Voice recorder, one is the Music folder, any  mp3 files dropped in this folder will be able to play and it acts like an MP3 player.  The Recordings folder is where your recorded audio goes and are in .wav format.  If you press the – button it will switch back and forth between the Music/Recording folder, even if there is nothing in the Music folder so if you plug headphones in and you can’t hear anything it probably means the mode is set to Music.  Holding the – or + button for a length of time will trigger the volume down or up.  Tapping the + button will make it go to next track.


To start recording again, simply unplug the earbuds and power it on, it will automatically start recording but has a 3 second delay, so make sure you give it the 3 seconds before you start talking.  The Uqique Mini Digital Voice recorder is ideal if you want to quickly build a daily to do list that you can play back to yourself, great for shopping lists, or other activities you want to record.  It is easier and faster to use in a car than using your Smartphone and less dangerous since you simply flip it on and it records, you don’t have to unlock your phone, find your voice recorder app, and take your eyes off the road when using the Uqique Mini Digital Voice recorder.

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