HAVIT HV-N5086 Webcam Review

As I don’t have any cameras for making videos Havit was nice enough to send me this product for review.  This is a very simple and easy to use camera/webcam. There are no extra drivers that need to be installed. Just plug it in and its ready to use, almost.  Because there were no drivers I had to find a way to open it up on my computer. I have a Google camera app already so I opened that and it was already using my new webcam. If you don’t have any app like that already installed you may need to get a third party software to use this like Skype will also work.


If you look to the lower left of the webcam you will see a small space. This is the microphone. It picks up every noise that is around me so it works very good. The 3 white spots are for the built in light system that is on the cord so you can control the brightness easily.


The switch for the lights is in the middle of the cord. The cord is not too long and can sometimes make adjusting the camera a bit difficult as it is attached to the head of the camera and makes it a bit heavy. If you have to adjust the lighting you will have to adjust the camera again to be straight.


The head of the camera has a slight swivel to it making it easier to get a good angle. The stabilizer part that attaches it to your monitor is good for holding it but does not keep it in place if you use the cord for lighting.


I found the picture quality to be a bit pixelated and not in HD like the manual said. I am not sure if this is because of the camera or the free app I use. It feels zoomed in and there is no way to adjust the focus. When moving and it is trying to refocus there is a slight distortion. Not sure if that is the camera or the app. It does a good job at being focused on what I have in frame it just doesn’t look as clear as I would have liked.

Video from the Havit HV-N5086

As you can see the video resolution is 640×480 which is SD resolution, there is no 720p or 1080p with this webcam, so for $19.99 you get an SD webcam that is very compatible but isn’t very high-quality resolution.

This camera will work with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS and Linux.  At the price point you can get 720p webcam’s so I would say it is a 3-star product, the microphone is fair but they should upgrade to a 720p model webcam at same price.

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