Havit Mechanical Keyboard Review

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So I realized that we just gave away the Havit Mechanical Keyboard with Blue MX Switches ,but I didn’t finish up my full review of it yet.  Here is my full review after several weeks of using this fantastic mechanical keyboard and I can tell you while I loved the keyboard my family did not so much.

So what you get with the mechanical keyboard from Havit is a very well built and solid metal frame keyboard that weighs in at just over 3 pounds and is very heavy for a keyboard.  A mechanical keyboard means that every key has it’s own independent switch, they keys don’t share a common “membrane” underneath the keys which they all share.  Each click has a resounding thwack and the keys snap back immediately.  The amount of pressure and responsive feedback of the keys is amazing to me, this happened to be my first mechanical keyboard that I have tested and after typing on a Blue MX Switch mechanical keyboard I can tell you this was the most pleasant typing experience that harks back to old typewriter days.

Here is my Unboxing Video of the Havit Mechanical Keyboard

As mentioned the keyboard is heavy and solid, the keys feel amazing and I can get some incredible typing speeds on the keyboard after just a few practice tests.  Here is a video showing the typing test and some more details.

Now, unfortunately Havit seems to have updated the model since I received this keyboard, so I recorded all of the color patterns and options in the keyboard, but Havit seems to have changed the model to make it a blue only backlit keyboard.  So these color patterns no longer exist in the current model on Amazon which is a shame.

My full video review was below and other than not having any Macro Keys which gamers would have appreciated, the keyboard was very impressive. Because with mechanical keys each additional key is more money for an extra dedicated switch you wind up losing some of those extra keys I like like (volume keys and other function keys in a typical keyboard).

Also the Blue MX Switches are loud, I didn’t mind but my family had such an issue with the typing especially with my wife in the other room hearing my typing clicks even with the door closed that my family has asked that I not use this keyboard anymore after the review is completed.  I will say the typing is obnoxiously loud, which I happen to love but your family may not.  Now they make something called Cherry MX Switch dampeners, which you can put on each individual MX switch which are supposed to dampen noise and this should help but I didn’t purchase any to test them.  Listing them here for example.

All in all the Havit Mechanical Keyboard would get 4 our of 5 stars, with the lack of extra keys being something that is lacking for gamers, now they make Blue only LED versions of the keyboard for slightly lower cost if interested.  For those looking for quieter mechanical keyboards I hear that Brown and Black MX Switches have the least click volume, at this time Havit doesn’t have a Brown or Black MX Switch keyboard however.

You can also find out more about the Havit Mechanical Keyboard from their direct product page and also buy from Amazon United Kingdom here as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.