Heroes Season 3 Episode 10 – Eclipse Part 1

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Now to begin the recap and review –

I was nearly hopping up and down in eager anticipation for this weeks episode of Heroes. After a recap showing what happened in previous episodes flashed in a few moments the show starts with several sketches and drawings of Sylar, Mr. Bennett. Arthur Petrelli is creating as many future drawings as possible to predict the upcoming events as the eclipse is on the horizon.

We open with Elle and Sylar continuing to practice aiming and firing electricity. Arthur interrupts and wants Gabriel to find Claire and bring her to him. Elle offers to help Sylar and Arthur agrees for them to work together to find the cheerleader. Later in the afternoon Elle and Gabriel are still attempting to find Claire and Elle thinks Gabriel is being a little too responsible and helpful to Arthur. Elle betrayed Sylar and told the store owner about him being a serial killer and the cops being called. The store owner tries to hold them at gun point and Elle eggs Sylar on trying to confront him on whether he is a villain or a hero, after being butted in the face with the gun Sylar exclaims “I hate heroes”.

Cut to Angela and Claire walking through the corridor of The company and discussing how Claire needs to not get caught. Angela opens up Level 5 and tells Claire she has another plan.

Nathan and Peter are looking to find a villain and Peter convinces his brother to take him along even though the has no more powers.

Mohinder is busy dissecting a patient and trying to find out how to cure himself and make a formula that gives people powers. Mohinder confronts Arthur and explains that he needs the catalyst. Arthur learns that Claire will die, but they are baffled because she shouldn’t be able to die. Mohinder remembers that abilities started manifesting during the last eclipse and that there is another eclipse coming today. They are beginning to understand that something is going to change today. A short time later Mohinder is speaking into his recorder trying to figure out what is happening to him, and what changes are befalling his body. His hands start to excrete a sticky substance.

Daphne and Matt are in an apartment in Brooklyn trying to find clues to where Hiro Nakamura is. Daphne starts getting paranoid and wanting to run away again. She tries to waffle in fear and Matt reassures her, a knock at the door interrupts their discussion. Ando and Hiro open the door and show the comic to Matt and that Matt has to fix Hiro. Matt tries to pierce Hiro’s thoughts but Matt does not understand Japanese. Matt can’t figure out how to get into his mind and fix him, Daphne explains that she wants to run again and she does after Matt reads her mind about her home in Kansas.

Noah and Claire arrive at Stephen’s house to be hidden out from the enemy. Claire confronts her father about her being kept safe, and she still distrusts her fathers true intentions. At the hideout Noah and his daughter confront each other and let their anger out and Noah attempts to teach her.

We cut to Tracy who learns that Nathan went off to find the Haitian and Arthur realizes it is a smart move to try and use the Haitian against him. Arthur instructs Tracy to go to Paris island and the marine training facility. Angela interrupts Traci and has a clue as to whats going on as its revealed in her expression.

Later in the apartment while Matt, Hiro and Ando are arguing about how to track Daphne, Hiro teleports them into a cornfield in Kansas. They arrive at Daphne’s house and Matt can hear her thoughts. Ando looks up in the sky and see’s the eclipse is starting to occur. Here we see Arthur looking over drawings, Angela looking over drawings, Nathan and Peter fall from the sky, Sylar and Elle race off in a car. All of the paranormal heroes are losing their abilities at the same time as the eclipse falls upon them.

Mohinder breaks free from a cocoon and is completely back to his normal human self as a result of the eclipse. Nathan and Peter fall from the sky into a swamp and Nathan reveals he can no longer fly anymore. Peter realizes that there is an eclipse and it could be a clue as there is another eclipse right now. They have a long walk ahead of them to try and find the Haitian, they see dolls tied to the bamboo in the forest.

Hiro, Ando and Matt knock at the door of Daphne’s house and an older man opens the door and say she isn’t there. Matt tries to force the man to let Matt in, but his powers no longer work. He is baffled to realize his powers are gone, Hiro discovers his powers are missing as well. Daphne tells her father that its happening again, but we don’t know what “it” is still at this point. She asks her father if he “still has them” but we don’t know what them is yet either.

Cutting back to Nathan and Peter arguing as brothers do, when Nathan realizes that Peter did read the map correctly. Nathan and Peter continue to argue as Nathan explains he always saves his brother, Peter confronts Nathan about being a coward and not having a backbone. Peter tells Nathan that he has seen the future and that Peter has chosen their dad in the future. The Haitian intercepts them and leads them on and reveals that his abilities are lost too, he explains the villain they are looking for is his brother and his skin is impenetrable. His brother uses his fear to create an army, but his brother is loose and has formed an army. The army comes out of the bush to attack them and try to kill them. One of the soldiers explains that Arthur informed him they were coming and they take Nathan hostage.

Noah and Claire continue training and Claire is striking wood piece after wood piece against a wall to control her strength. She is out of breath and swings at her father. Noah yells at her and she explains how angry she was that Noah kept leaving. Elle arrives at the building and was about to shock Claire when she realizes she has no electricity. Sylar then realizes he has no abilities either. Noah and Sylar engage in hand to hand combat where Noah gets Sylar down and Claire runs in the way and takes a bullet meant for her father. Noah bashes Elle with a wooden board, and picks Claire up wounded and bleeding to rush her to his house. Sylar reaches for the gun but doesn’t retrieve it in time to shoot Noah in the back, then falls unconscious next to Sylar.

Noah arrives at his house to find Sandra and instructs they can’t go to the hospital as they report gunshot wounds. Noah does not know why she lost her powers, but Claire is actually happy to feel pain and Noah thanks her for saving his life. After sleeping for several hours Claire awakes and feels a little better after some first aid. Just after when Noah leaves, Sandra checks on their daughter to see Claire’s condition has deteriorated rapidly.

Matt and Hiro still have no powers and realize that they wish they had their powers returned. They both say they came her to save Daphne, Hiro explains that Matt needs to triumph without powers and not doubt his mission. The goading worked and Matt goes back toward the house to save her. Hiro says he has a plan to get his powers back and Ando and hero start walking, they realize they must find the next issue of 9th wonders to figure out the rest of the journey.

Mohinder shows that all formula effects have gone into complete remission and he is trying to study more and why. He pulls up Maya’s information on the computer and just before he attempts to go after her Arthur comes into the room with Flint. They confront Mohinder and explain that he must complete the formula and return their powers.

Hiro and Ando arrive and see if the latest issue of 9th wonders has arrived. Sure enough they see two men at the comic store who confront Hiro and Ando exactly as they see on the cover of 9th wonders.

Matt arrives at the house after her father leaves and he tries to talk to Daphne through the door, he lets his heart out to her and tries to convey who she is and what she means to him. She tells him the door is open and he lets himself in to find her crippled and walking on crutches with injured legs.

Elle and tries to set Sylar’s dislocated shoulder as he screams in pain, he tries and is quite dismayed to realize they both lost their powers. Gabriel is now confused and realizes they are just human again, he says that he feels relieved and doesn’t feel the hunger anymore. Elle explains that it was her fault that he became that monster, she tells him they can’t take what they want anymore and Gabriel challenges that and takes a kiss from her. Noah meanwhile is outside with a sniper rifle trained on them about to kill them.

I thought this episode was good but not as good and gripping as the previous episode overall. I do like that Claire and Noah have finally gotten to talk openly and both are rebuilding their connection and relationship, the same goes for Nathan and Peter being open and candid with each other. It is going to be interesting to see how the show continues with the Heroes having to fit back in as normal humans and continue onward. Noah would clearly have an edge now as he was always a human without powers, so he would have an edge over the former people as was seen when he took down Elle and Sylar.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.