Review of Heroes Season 3 Episode 9 – It’s Coming

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At first I didn’t think I would be able to watch this episode while I was traveling at CA World, but was fortunate enough to learn that in Las Vegas Heroes comes on at 9pm instead of 8pm in Arizona so I was back at the Hotel by 8:30 and able to catch the show.

Updated to include the streaming episode:

The episode starts off with a long recap, followed by Ando trying to save hero and getting thrown.  Arthur was about to finish mind wiping hero when he gets distracted by a painting of an eclipse.  Ando rushes over and Hiro teleports them back to Japan accidentally, we learn that Hiro had most of his adult memories erased and he thinks he is 10 years old again.

Arthur tries to put Gabriel through a test claiming he has empathy and tricks him into a room where Elle lies waiting and she unleashes an electrical blast at him that starts to flay his flesh.  We see instead of retaliation Sylar instead encourages Elle to release her vengeance on him.  We see several scenes where she unleashes over and over again at Sylar blasting him and the effects are amazing as his skin vaporizes and smokes and electricity erupts from his eyes, mouth and every other opening on his person.  After unleashing a hellish blast Elle collapses to the ground and begs Sylar to kill her.  Sylar instead frees her and informs her that he forgives her for using him and that he owed her for saving his life.  He asks Elle to forgive herself and then we see Elle stop feeling pain and Sylar learns he acquired her power without ever laying a hand on her.  Afterward in one of the best scenes in the show we see Elle and Sylar bonding and Elle teaching Sylar to control and focus the electricity.  She informs him he will be a Gun Slinger in no time after Sylar shows how quickly he can focus and release blasts.  This scene we see just how much Elle did care for Sylar and I wonder now if the future son that Sylar had is not the child of Elle and Gabriel.

Matt Parkman and Daphne arrive at Primatech to see Angela still in a coma and when Matt tries to read her thoughts Daphne goes to warn and inform Arthur about the situation.  Arthur meanwhile is still plotting and planning to get the formula working and checks on Mohinder who keeps mutating patients with a formula that is missing something, or someone as they determine.  Something also is revealed in that the last eclipse seems to be when people started displaying powers and another eclipse is on the horizon.  Later Matt attempts to go into Angela’s mind to free her and asks Daphne to stay around and help him through it.

Peter and Claire argue about escaping and separating only to find Knox and Jessie attempting to hunt them down.  Originally they both think that Peter is the target and after evading them in the apartment only to be chased in the sewers it is revealed they were after Claire all along.  A few scenes later Peter is able to improvise a trap and use Flint’s own flame ability to allow Claire and himself to escape.

Meanwhile Ando is trying to instruct Hiro about his powers and what his abilities are but Hiro is still a 10 year old and can’t help but play pranks and joke around like any kid.  He does start to master his ability a little bit after a few attempts at first slowing down time, and then stopping it for a short period of time.  After learning how to stop and slow time, Ando asks Hiro to try teleporting and after several attempts he does and transports Ando and himself into a comic book store.

Nathan arrives at Pinehearst with Tracy and confronts his father only to learn Arthur’s plan was the same as Lindermans except with a much higher body count now.  Nathan leaves the company with the intentiont to go find his mother and learn more.  Meanwhile Tracy goes back to Arthur and attempts to negotiate a deal where she will make sure Nathan joins his side in exchange for Arthur keeping her intact and taken care of when the dust settles.  She has the same survival instincts as her sister Jessica it would seem in this case.

This episode was simply fantastic and I have to say the final scenes of the episode were so utterly monumental that I got goosebumps.  The final scenes show Matt, Daphne and Angela escaping from the mental prison built by Arthur after he revealed he had some feelings for Angela and released her after she confronted him.  We leave seeing the “Heroes” Matt, Daphne, Nathan, Peter, Claire, Angela in the hospital room discussing the formula and the catalyst where Claire reveals that she is the host.  In the “Villains” headquarters at Pinehearst we see Jesse, Knox, Arthur, Sylar and Elle gathered around where Arthur wakes up from a future scribling to reveal that the Eclipse is coming.

The previous would show us that The Eclipse will strip the Heroes of their powers and they have to contend with being normal again.  I have never been more excited to see the next episode as I am now.  Tell me what you all thought of this episode?

I particularly thought the scenes between Sylar and Elle were so charged with emotion, hatred, anger and then respect, gratitude that it almost invoked me to write a poem and I just may after this.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.