Review of Heroes Season 3 Episode 8 – Villains

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I was excited to see tonight’s episode after having to wait almost two weeks. Heroes Season 3 Episode 8 Villains did not disappoint. I will review the episode and add my commentary sparsed throughout, rather than be a minute by minute play by play, I think it helps the flow of the review better.

After an opening narration talking about what makes some people choose the path of good and others choose the path of darkness, we then recap to see Hiro go into his spirit walk where he witnesses the past and the entire episode is about Hiro dreaming of the past.

We are first taken back to New York City 18 months ago where Peter and Nathan are listening to their Father give a speech. We learn very early on that it was Arthur Petrelli who was pulling the strings even behind Linderman, and not the other way around. Linderman discusses his concerns about Nathan investigating the company and Arthur says he will kill his own son Nathan if he can’t figure out a way around it.

We cut then to Flint and Meredith attacking a convenience store where they are intercepted by Eric Roberts who uses some fire resistant foam to prevent Flint from launching fire and Meredith distracts him so flint can escape. Afterward, Meredith is interviewed by Eric Roberts and he offers to enlist her in the company. She is later on a mission with Mr. Thompson where she is told to watch. The man the interrogate turns his right arm into metal and strikes the company agent, Meredith brings him down with her pyromania, but this guy partially reminds me of Colossus from X-Men with his ability. They are then seen bringing the man into custody and Mr. Thompson is telling Meredith that she needs to always listen to the company even if she doesn’t agree with the company. Meredith walks past Flint who is in the prison. Flint explains to Meredith that they offered to make him an agent just like her. Later we see Meredith help flint escape and explain that the company was using him and that he isn’t smart enough to realize it. They attempt to escape on a train only Eric followed them and attempts to apprehend both Flint and Meredith. Flint escapes and Meredith attempts to standoff the company agent but they both wind up jumping from the train. We later see Mr. Thompson free Meredith after he realizes she didn’t know her daughter was still alive. He realizes if she works for the company she would eventually learn that Claire is still alive and that probably would jeopardize her as an agent. In a twist that shows how much the show intertwines characters lives we see Claire rush into the burning train to save the victim from the first season.

We also flash back to Gabriel right after he had killed the Telekinetic, we see the remorse he had felt cause him to attempt suicide by hanging himself. He was in the midst of hanging when Elle had walked into the watch shop and saved his life. I think this shows Sylar’s humanity and that he became lost among his “hunger” for powers. Elle tries to comfort him and convince him he can be good and everyone makes mistake. After she talks to him she is seen going back to the Van to speak to Noah who compares tracking “Heroes” akin to watching whale migration patterns. Later on in the episode we see Elle go to Sylar’s apartment and bring him some pie. Sylar reveals his telekinetic ability to Elle and talks about the list which has others who have their powers listed on it. Sylar confesses he has a hunger to take the powers of others, but that he wants to fight it since he met her. Noah explains that they are trying to watch Sylar kill again so they can witness how he acquires powers, Elle is revealed to like Gabriel and she doesn’t want to introduce one of the other people with powers to Sylar.

Arthur and Angela Petrelli are seen in the garden of their house where Angela encourages Arthur to try and show more compassion for Peter.  When Nathan arrives just after his mother leaves Arthur attempts to dissuade Nathan from pursuing his agenda against Linderman, but Nathan doesn’t listen to him. We then see the freeway scene where the attempt on Nathan’s life was made and we learn that Arthur was the one who planned the attempt on Nathan’s life. We see the aftermath of the accident in the hospital where Nathan demands his father choose a side Mr. Linderman or the Family. One observation is this episode shows Angela showing much more compassion than we have seen from her in the previous Heroes Episodes definitely portraying she may not be as Evil, Heartless and Cruel as she has been portrayed. Just another twist on how the show makes Villains into Heroes and Heroes into Villains. Later we see Mr. Linderman and Arthur arguing and that Linderman does not want to make another attempt against Nathan’s life until later. Angela walks in on the two of them talking and gets backed into the kitchen, where Arthur uses his mental telepathy and force to overpower Angela into saying that Nathan has to die and bending her to his will.

Linderman comes up to Angela Petrelli in the kitchen and has remorse for the way Arthur treats her, and he tells Angela that he can heal thje damage to her brain caused by Arthur. It is then that Mr. Linderman heals Angela’s scars and shows Angela the truth and that Arthur has been altering her memory and thought to match what he wanted her to think. This episode shows Mr. Linderman had a human side and wasn’t as much a monster as they made him out to be. Instead they portray that Arthur was the monster behind it all. That evening we see Angela and Arthur sitting in the dining room. Angela challenges Arthur and we realize Angela has the Haitian block Arthur’s powers. Angela argues with Arthur that he lost his soul and he realizes she had poisoned him with dinner and collapses on the ground. I give Kudos to Angela for standing up to him to save her son. Angela gives instructions to The Haitian to dispose of Arthur but Nathan arrives at the house and thinks his father had a heart attack and calls 911. Angela and Nathan are at the hospital waiting for news about their father when they learn from the doctor that Arthur had a massive heart attack. The doctor is then seen walking back into Arthur’s room where Arthur is trapped in paralysis but he is still able to speak telepathically and controls the doctor mentally. We cut to see Angela tell her son’s at the funeral for Arthur not to idolize their father.

We see Elle and Gabriel together at his apartment where she brought him some Ziti, a man named Trevor arrives at the apartment and Elle introduces Trevor to Gabriel. Elle reveals she got Trevor from his list and wanted to introduce them. Trevor reveals that he has the ability to point is finger and fire an explosive blast. Elle then eggs Sylar on by claiming Trevor is so special, which sets Sylar off to attack him. She changes her mind and tries to stop Sylar from killing Trevor and Sylar telekinetically throws her against a wall. He then kills Trevor to acquire his powers. Meanwhile Mr. Bennett is fascinated how Sylar exposes the brain to gain another special persons power. Elle challenges Mr. Bennett and shows concern that Sylar could have been saved but Noah explains they are agents not missionaries.

At the final moments of the episode Hiro comes out of his spirit walk and Hiro with Ando by his side emerge from the hut to see Usutu the African Visionary is killed with his head severed. Ando see’s Arthur Petrelli walk up to Hiro and put his hands on his head to steal his ability. The episode ends with Hiro screaming and then we see the preview for what is to come in the future.

In Summary –

This episode was fantastic and revealed so much on how things came about the way they were. It not only answered questions for this season but answered questions that were formed as early as the first season. This episode was exactly timed properly to help clarify Arthurs position behind it all and how all the events fell into place.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.