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We start off with Hiro and Ando discussing what path to take regarding the villains where it is revealed that Arthur will become the most powerful man in the world.  Hiro is still cautions and does not want to go back in time based on what happened the last time he went back in time.

We see Flashbacks to Nathan, Peter and Arthur from Peters dreams, and then he awakes chained to a table. His father admits to taking his abilities and that they are gone forever.  He tries to convince Peter to join him and help him but Peter defiantly explains what the future will be and that they have to stop it.

Claire and Sandra talking in a car about what they just dealt with. Arrive to find house is Elle at their housee sparking up the place. Elle electrocutes Claire but she can’t feel pain so she is unable to hurt her, Sandra throws a bucket full of water on Claire and short circuits her. She then breaks down and says she needs help. Elle tries to leave and she keeps short circuiting saying that she lost control of her abilities. They both decide to go to the company and try to solve their problems.

Dr. Suresh, Nathan and Tracy were in the standoff from last week, when Suresh grabs Maya from a cocoon and flee’s through the ceiling. Later we cut to Suresh at Arthur Petrelli’s company lab where he keeps Maya. Arthur goes in and steals Maya’s ability which is what she wanted and shortly after Suresh confides in Arthur about his abilities and side effects and how he wants to keep the abilities but reverse the physical mutations.  Arthur convinces Suresh to work with the company to help develop the formula and it could work for him.

Angela winds up being able to speak to Sylar while she is immobilized and comatose.  She comes to him in his dreams and helps him wake up. Sylar escapes his imprisonment in the Level 5 cell promising to save Peter.

Daphne comes in on Maury and Arthur and they talk to her about her failure to recruit Matt Parkman. Maury tries to stand in front of Arthur to save his son and Arthur kills Maury snapping his neck. Arthur is merciless, cruel and just as quick to kill any of his followers, which may be his downfall in the future.  Daphne is terrified and begs for another way to make it up to him claiming she is a thief not a killer.

Matt Parkman is at his apartment and on the phone with Mohinder when Daphne shows up with a loaded gun. Matt invites her to shoot him if its the only way to save her life. Daphne can’t kill him and he reads that her father was killed by Arthur.  Meanwhile when we cut back to the two of them, Matt and Daphne discuss the company and what to do about it.  Knox who has been shadowing Daphne arrives outside the apartment door and breaks in to attack them. Daphne tries to flee and Knox breaks her neck before she can escape.   Matt incapacitates Knox temporarily but Knox turns the tide on him, breaks loose from Matt’s mental grip and kills him by punching his fist through his body.  Knox walks off leaving Daphne and Matt dead on the floor, only it is then revealed that Matt made Knox believe the whole thing and it was all an illusion. This was such an incredible scene and it was so amazing that they played it this way, I was so relieved and happy at the same time.

Peter tries to escape captivity and challenges his father again about the fate of the world and what his plans will bring. Arthur detains him again and has him shipped to the lab where Suresh can test on him.  Peter implores Mohinder to help and tells him about what he becomes in the future, but as Suresh is just about to inject Peter.  Sylar arrives and attempts to rescue him which means a battle ensues between Mohinder and Sylar, and though Sylar gets the first bash.  Mohinder’s superhuman strength overpowers him and Dr. Suresh beats on Sylar, smashing his head and face over and over while he lies on the ground.  Peter attempts to escape and does manage to get away while Arthur shows up to interject and stop Mohinder from brutalizing Sylar further who is now beaten unconscious on the floor.

You have to give Tim Kring credit for writing a character like Sylar who you can hate/love in the first season and find yourself rooting for a murderer in this season.  He has always been one of the most popular characters on the show and it is easy to see why.

Later we see Nathan and Traci are waiting at Suresh’s lab for Noah Bennett to show up, they start investigating the cocooned individuals when one of them attacks Traci. Meredith and Noah show up in time to stun the cocooned man and parlay about the situation.

Meanwhile Claire and Elle decide to take a flight to get to PineHears and while on the airplane Elle is short circuiting causing electrical problems on the plane. Claire decides to become a conduit for Elle’s electricity so that she can channel it into her releasing it from Elle. This allows Elle to discharge and temporarily abates the short circuits. Later Claire and Elle walk up to PineHearst headquarters and have a heart to heart thanking each other. With a few funny quips by Elle that the more Claire is nice to her the more she hates her they both witness Peter fall from a 7 story window.

Arthur has Sylar suspended in the air as they talk about Angela and Sylar still is defiant and threatening Arthur. Arthur attempts to appeal to Sylar’s reason and he explains Angela tried to kill Sylar shortly after birth seeing what he would become. Arthur apparently convinces Sylar to abandon his mother and join with him instead claiming he needs to learn the truth about his mother.  A few moments later when Sylar is alone Peter instead of trying to esacpe the building without any powers at all, instead was trying to find and free Sylar.  Mohinder who is in another room in the same building walks in and confronts Maya about the past. Maya doesn’t want to speak to him and she says she can never trust him.  Mohinder tries to convey his feelings were real for her and she leaves to go make amends for her past.  Peter walks into the room where Sylar is currently occupying and he explains how he can’t leave his brother behind, but Peter finds out too late that Sylar has switched sides. Peter tries to reason with him and when Arthur walks into the room Sylar telekinetically throws Peter out the window, he plummets below presumably to his death but Peter hits the ground and instead of being killed is badly injured, Claire and Elle who just witnessed this rush up to him, Claire walks away with him inquiring how he was able to fall that far without dying if he can’t heal. Elle wants her powers removed and instead of fleeing with Claire and Peter goes into the building to try and have per powers removed.

Cut to Nathan and Traci talking with Noah about what Dr. Suresh was doing, it was funny when Noah says in response to the question about what Mohinder was doing “Building a nest, laying eggs.. Who the hell knows”. Noah tells Nathan and Traci that he needs to have them come in and be tested to make sure they are both still “normal”. Meredith, Nathan and Traci have an awkward moment, where Meredith tells Traci to watch out for that one (pointing at Noah). Nathan steps away to answer a call from Claire who explains about his brother and asks for his help.

We cut to Arthur and Sylar talking about Peter surviving the fall without dying. They both don’t know how Peter survived the fall, meanwhile Arthur takes a call from Daphne who reveals that she is still working for Arthur and now playing a spy against the Primatech company.

We turn to Claire and Peter who starts to think that Sylar slowed Peter’s descent and saved his life.  Nathan arrives beside Peter and learns Peter lost all of his powers, Nathan is shocked to find out that Arthur their father is still alive.  Nathan clearly lies to his brother and plans to go see his father. Nathan is foolish to think he can take on the company himself and being that he can so easily be bought, he will likely defect to Arthur’s side very quickly.

We cut to Hiro and Ando with the African Visionary where Hiro is still trying to avoid going back in time and yet still learn about his enemies. They decide to go on a spirit walk to learn about his opponents by eating a grotesque paste and then wait. Hiro then quickly falls into a spirit trance and Ando is unable to wake him up.

The episode then ends and the new episode is in two weeks. A preview shows that we will be taken back years before anyone had abilities and this looks pretty good.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.