Low Cost High Quality HDMI Cables for Next Gen Consoles

Recently since I got the PlayStation 5 I wanted to make sure I had a high quality HDMI cable that can support 2160P @ 60hz as well as HDR and all the latest audio processing through HDMI 2.0.  Leadstar makes some low cost, high quality HDMI cables so I took them out for a test and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cable for the price.  First off, these high quality HDMI Cables start at lengths of 6′ which is under $7 at the time of this writing up to 30′ in length at just under $23, so it doesn’t matter if you need to run your HDMI cables behind a wall, around some equipment and more you have lengths that suit just about any purpose.  One of the greater advantages of having really long HDMI cables is if you want to leverage streaming from your console to your PC but keep both in the same room without taking your console away from your living room entertainment center, you can just run a really long HDMI cable instead to connect your console to your capture card.

I tested the LEADSTAR HDMI cable with my PlayStation 5 and it is the only cable I have been using for about a week now and have used it to stream, game, capture and watch movies on Netflix, Funimation and Amazon Prime through the HDMI cable.

The cables themselves include an attached velcro tie strap for keeping excess cord managed, and the cord is very thick and tightly braided, it is virtually incapable of being kinked or pinched which means the copper-wire on the inside is well protected and shielded from any potential damage and wear.  The plug heads are solid with no weak points and make very solid and capable connections.   I was able to output 4k with no problem on my PS5, and went through a battery of resolutions, video, audio and other tests through the HDMI cable and found it met all expectations and was much less expensive than some other name brand HDMI cables that I have used previously.

Now, the Leadstar HDMI cables boast that their HDMI Cords support high dynamic range imaging (HDR) video transmission bandwidth of up to 18 GBPS 4 k @ 50 and 60 / (2160 p), this includes up to 32 audio channels and their cables support CEC extensions which provide more extension commands and control of electronics through a single control point, but I really didn’t have any devices with CEC extensions of note. Leadstar also prides the quality of their cables and offers a replacement if the cable should fail or doesn’t work within 12 months.

They don’t just make HDMI cables either, they also make high quality DisplayPort Cables as well.

Update, get 50% this already low HDMI cable price (6.5′ length only) with coupon code ECDOIV2I at checkout.




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