Holife Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Comparison

So I needed a quick and easy to use cordless handheld vacuum for quick clean up tasks around the home office, and one that had brush attachments to clean up dirt and dust accumulations under computer desks, beds, office furniture and the like.  I saw that HoLife had 2 different handheld cordless vac models with attachments and decided to try both models out to see if there was enough of a difference between the two models to justify spending the extra money and purchasing the more powerful model.

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So both HoLife Hand Cordless Vac models come with the same type of attachments, but some key features really put the

The white unit is the less expensive HoLife 14.8V 100W cordless vac which has 6Kpa and it charges by sitting in a docking station standing upright, the docking station has a fixed plug which goes into an AC outlet.  Both units come with the same attachments and an extra filter.


The black unit above is the HoLife 7KP cordless handheld vac and it is a little bit larger and heavier being used with one hand giving you hand/wrist fatigue faster but since it has more power and suction you don’t need to hold it as long and go back over the same spots so it makes up for it.  The HoLife 7KP is a 21.9V 100W Cordless vac with the 7KP being 7KPA.

HoLife 7KP Specifications

Vacuum Dimensions: 49 X 12 X 11.5 cm (16.1 X 4.7 X 4.5 in)
Adapter Input Voltage: 100-240V~50/60 Hz
Rated Power: 100W
Rated Voltage: 21.9V
Usage Type: Dry / Wet
Dust Capacity:≥0.6
Cleaning Efficiency:≥96%

HoLife 7KP Package Includes

1 X Handheld Vacuum
1 X Rubber Nozzle
1 X Crevice Tool
1 X Brush Nozzle
2 X Washable Filter
1 X Storage Bag
1 X Charging Adapter
1 X Brush
1 X User Manual

In every way the HoLife 7KP is a better handheld vac in how easy it is to plugin and charge as well as the power of the suction, so if you had to make a choice the $15 extra cost of the 7KP is well worth it.  The white one is on-par with a Black and Decker Cordless I tried, the 7KP is better than any other handheld vac that is cordless that I have personally tested so far.

Both units the canister is very small and you have to dump it after only using it for a short period of time, this tiny canister and how often you have to dump it is why this product doesn’t get a higher rating.  It also doesn’t support standard vacuum tube attachments so you can buy one of those multi-tube ones for keyboard keys, and such.

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