How do Amazon Brands Find Influencers to Showcase their Products? Logie is the Future

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

So most Amazon brands and sellers rely on several factors to find influencers to help showcase their products, and this strategy includes looking up individuals in their product category/niche and contacting them one at a time on social media, asking for rates, collaboration and enticing them with free products or a set budget. Other more mature brands will offer campaigns which are longer term commitments and more valuable to both.

But many brands use agents, these are PR firms, agencies, freelance contractors and more who are just outsourced to create content and get brand awareness out there. These agents acting on behalf of these sellers are the ones ultimately still contacting each influencer 1 at a time, doing individual negotiations collecting rate lists and ultimately building an influencer clientele list that they can take back to the brands to show how many influencers and what rates they negotiated with their % of the cut added on top.

Nothing wrong with this model, except it is resource intensive and time consuming and can have mixed results for both the brand/seller and the influencer. Often poor communication around shared usage rights of the content, delivery expectations and more can sour the reputation of all 3 parties here, the influencer, the agent as they represent the influencer to the brand or the brand to the influencer, and the brand themselves since the agent is acting on their behalf.

But there is a better way for brands to work with a high volume of influencers to create content now without having to hire an agent or negotiate 1 on 1 arrangements on an influencer by influencer basis. This is where a new Agency powered by AI comes in called and if you check out after reading this article make sure you let them know DragonBlogger referred you.

Logie was chosen by the National Retail Federation as the technology that will disrupt e-commerce marketing with influencers in 2023, thanks to their AI technology that automatically matches the right creators to each product, saving brands weeks of research and outreach while maximizing profits. The AI is using historical sales data to predict which creators are the ones who are most likely to generate sales. allows sellers/brands and even agent on behalf of sellers who are given a marketing budget create a profile and list which products they want to drive content creation for. These products are then listed in the Logie Product Opportunity marketplace and influencers pick up these product opportunities and start creating content for these products pretty quickly. The beauty of this system also is that while brands/sellers are still recommended to list unit samples that get delivered for hands on video content, it is not a requirement and influencers can still pick up these opportunities and promote your brands products on Amazon Live Streams, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blog Posts and more.

Why Would Influencers Just Promote My Product Being Listed in Logie?

Simple, your budget that you set for your marketing is converted into a commission payment for influencers that is an additional way to earn on top of the small % commission they get paid from Amazon for selling the product. You may already be negotiating 10-20% commissions directly on an influencer by influencer basis. Let’s say a brand or firm was paying $5000 in a month for flat rates or direct payments for a handful of influencers to generate sponsored content. This same $5000 per month would have a much broader reach with a far greater amount of content spread and created across more platforms, because this leverages the power of many “mini & micro-influencers” which collectively have more content creation power and brand awareness capability than a handful of single macro-influencers.

There also something you won’t ever get from working with individual influencers consistently and that is a massive stream of analytics giving you better insights to where your content is created and shared including what Amazon Live streams your products have been listed in, the number of sales of each product.

The AI and Machine Learning technologies adapted into Logie offer unprecedented next-gen analytics as well as offer influencers tools at their fingertips that make content creation easier, faster and incentivize them to create more content for you product. I can tell you from personal experience as an Amazon A-Lister myself, I am already prioritizing more brands in Logie due to the ease and frictionless way I can simply select products and create/promote content and cut out the back and forth email negotiation, rate exchanges and bartering and more.

Live Show Analytics at their fingertips is a boon to influencers where they can clearly see which products performed and had the most engagement in their show which helps them keep promoting and showcasing those products.

Influencers, if you want to get involved with Logie you can also sign up now go to Logie Sign Up for Influencers and use code “dragons” to fast track into the Beta program, remember to use the code which will help get you fast tracked head of others waiting in line.

Again, it isn’t just Amazon Live streamers that can benefit here, anyone who is an Amazon Associate or Influencer including YouTube content, Tiktok, Instagram Reels and more, as long as you can Amazon Affiliate link to a product listed on Logie you can gain dramatically increased commission from your sales.

In the end, because Logie uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and has leveraged so much automation, this ends up being less expensive for the brands/sellers and has higher paying benefits to the influencers because there is less resource overhead and middleman fees involved so it allows for more profit on both parties. It is all done without ever having to do manual negotiations either, the Logie system uses it’s analytics to already know and match influencers who are best fit for brand/seller products/categories as well.

The reasons why we chose to use Logie are:

• No more contacting influencers and content creators 1 by 1, negotiating, working out a deal, setting up vendors/payments, running after invoices, asking for reports etc…

• You get access to almost all Amazon’s active Influencers instantly and automatically. Yes, almost all of the most active influencers and Amazon live streamers are already using Logie daily.

• Huge game changer for brands: No more paying flat fee for video/live stream content creation

• You set your budget and will only be charged for results: content generated, views and sales. Most brands on logie not only save over 20 hours weekly of research, outreach and negotiations, but they also end up paying much less while generating much more content and sales.

Logie’s automated reporting allows you to track the content and sales on a daily basis, in real time, unlike the current way of asking for an invoice with data once a month. Plus, you can see all Amazon live streams and content created for your products instantly on your Logie dashboard.

Contact Logie today or ask me to setup an introduction just let him know Justin Germino from DragonBlogger sent you, and you will be amazed at the power that Logie can bring to your brand in terms of increasing exposure, created content and sales for your brands products. This is just the tip of the iceberg too, Logie is still in Beta and the features and capabilities are only a fraction of the power and benefits that are to come for both influencers and brands/sellers.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.