How do Wireless Routers Compare to Mesh Wi-Fi systems?

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Wi-Fi routers are a must have for any house. With the increasing number of wireless-enabled devices, the need to use a wireless router has increased manifold. Currently, there are various wireless routers which are available in the market. For home Wi-Fi mesh routers are the latest technology upgrade. These were used in many critical establishments where the secure network is important. These networks are often not connected to the internet and isolated. Introduction of mesh wireless system will give the homeowners the option to optimize their home Wi-Fi connectivity.


The usual wireless routers work best for small places and houses, but if you have a large home with multiple stories you are bound to experience Wi-Fi dead zone. This can be resolved by using a mesh wireless system setup. Several companies have already started offering mesh router solutions for homes. Companies such as Netgear, Google, Linksys have already launched their models and others are developing theirs. Although they are very popular the question still remains if this router will work for you. There are many factors which can impact this and if this product is what you need.

The traditional wifi is a router which broadcasts the wireless signal to which the other devices connect. The name router seamlessly routes internet traffic between a modem and Wi-Fi enabled devices. In most cases, they are hardly noticed unless the signal goes down or the internet stops working. The only problem is that with such routers the signal strength is limited and cannot be used for large spaces or multi-storied buildings. The Mesh router system can help in such cases. The mesh routers have multiple access points instead of a single point as in any traditional Wi-Fi routers. The points connect each other to the modem and rebroadcast the router`s signal. These access points are also known as satellites.

The network management is easy in mesh wireless system. This is one of the most distinguished features of this wireless system. Most of the mesh router system are fully automated and can be managed through a mobile app. It does not require you to be in the home network to manage them. They give the users various options such as checking the speed of Wi-Fi, stopping Wi-Fi access to certain networks, testing the quality of the various connection points, connect to smart home devices and create a guest network. Some of the high-end wireless routers may have these features, however, you need to be connected to the local desktop at all times.

In normal Wi-Fi routers, you need range extenders to repeat the Wi-Fi signal connection to access them from a long distance. These extenders require a whole different setup for them to work which is cumbersome. A mesh router does not require reconnections and there is not much lag, as all the access points broadcast the same signal strength. This makes the mesh routers easily accessible and manageable.

Mesh wireless also provide good security support. Most of these devices auto update the firmware and since they are easy to maintain the security is good, unlike normal wireless routers which need to be updated manually.

There are certain features which would count as a drawback for mesh routers. Although mesh routers are handy to use they are costly and any good mesh wireless system will cost you more than $300 and additional parts will cost another $200. This makes them very costly when compared to the normal wireless routers which cost way less. The price difference is very high even if you are buying the most basic mesh wireless system.

Also, in case of mesh wireless systems, there is a chance of wasted resources. Especially if you have a small home and building and if you do need an extensive internet connectivity. For the Wifi dead zone areas, you can use the less costly range extender. Apart from that, the mesh wireless system needs a lot more equipment space as you may need several of them to enjoy their benefits. You will also have to find a lot more place for devices in your home which could be problematic for certain people. In case you are wondering what are the best mesh wireless devices to buy, zillabest have created a fantastic mesh wireless list to help you understand these products and make an informed choice when buying your next wireless device.

after comparing both the options, you will always end up with the question if you need mesh router system. As we know many of the wireless routers which are currently available on the market will not cover a very large space or a tall building. If you are inclined towards the smart home features the mesh router will offer an easy management through a mobile app which is a great plus point. If you need better internet speed and no dead zones, then you should go for the mesh wireless system but if the price is a constraint then you should go with the traditional wireless routers. There are many options available in the market which you can use.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.