Keep Your Accounts Secure With Cyclonis Password Manager

With hacking becoming a national headline seemingly every other day, keeping your data secure is more important than ever before. Passwords used to be easy. You’d just use the name of your favorite pet, band, or street you grew up on, add a number or two, and you’re good. Unfortunately, hackers caught on to this pretty quick so passwords had to get more and more complicated. The Cyclonis Password Manager has made it even easier to protect your valuable data.

Basics on the Cyclonis Password Manager

Cyclonis encrypts and stores your account information so you know your data is safe. Along with having downloadable software, it also has apps that you can attach to your web browser for easy logins. All your data is encrypted with 256-Bit AES and uses one master password to prove it’s you accessing the data. It also includes a Password Generator that makes complicated passwords so no one can simply guess. On top of all of that, it has two-factor authentication so you can be sure you’re the only one with access. After you download the software, you can download extensions for your browser and use it on multiple devices to make logging in even easier. Cyclonis also gives you the ability to keep your financial data stored for easy shopping and private notes so you don’t forget anything important.

Download Cyclonis here:

The Cyclonis login buttons appear on any log in screen

Why Encryption Matters

According to Cyclonis’ home page, over 4.2 billion records were exposed in 2016 with 53% of them being a result of hacking. If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, you’ve probably had information stolen. Cyclonis uses a recognized encryption standard – AES-256 and stores your passwords on the cloud so you can access them anywhere.

How to Use the Cyclonis Password Manager

Start by downloading the desktop application.

Download Cyclonis here:

Then, create your master password. Make sure it’s a strong, secure passcode only you know. This will be the password you create that keeps all of your other passwords safe.

The third step is to decide where you want to store your personal data. You can either store it on a third-party storage provider (such as Google Drive) or you can store it locally on your device.

The fourth step is to import your passwords and analyze them to see if they’re strong enough. From there you can make them stronger with their password generator.

Watch and see how Cyclonis Password Manager works:

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