How to Add Emoji’s to Discord Channel Names

So lately I have been doing a lot more with discord being part of 16 Discord groups and I noticed some groups had emoji’s in their Discord channel names, and I could not figure out how to set emoji’s for my own Discord Channel names.  Well there are multiple ways to accomplish this and I will point out the easiest first.

Easiest Way to Add Emoji To Discord Channel Names

In Mobile Discord App you can easily add emoji’s right from your mobile phone screen where you type your Discord channel name when creating or editing your discord channel.

These are compatible and visible from any browser and PC as well as the desktop Discord client without issue that I can tell.  So without a doubt, the easiest way to add emoji’s to your discord channel name would be to use the mobile discord app.  Say you want to add emoji’s when you are using the Discord Client in Windows or a browser on Windows?

Adding Emoji to Discord Channel with Discord Desktop App

For this you will need to have a source where you can copy and paste emoji’s from, since you won’t be able to pull open an emoji menu and just insert it automatically like on mobile devices.  Here I found that any emoji you can copy from the Emoji Wikipedia you can simply select and insert into your channel name with the Discord Desktop application.

After finding a Unicode compatible gun emoji for example you can copy to clip board, select it and make sure it is copied to clip board.

Then go over to your Discord and edit your channel name, you should now be able to paste your unicode compatible emoji and it will display as the emoji in the Discord desktop app.

Once you save you can confirm your emoji’s are all working, and it would seem there are less emoji options that I can find when browsing the Emoji wikipedia so there may be other sources to check, I noticed you can’t copy emoji’s from Emojipedia however, they aren’t compatible, so it really needs to be unicode compatible emoji’s.  Other than that, it may be easier to set them from your phone, but this is a good workaround as I spend most of my time using Discord as the desktop app as there are some limitations with the browser version of the app and the mobile version, like in the mobile app you can’t clear mentions in your mention history from the mobile Discord app for example.

How many of you are adding emoji icons to your Discord channel names? Any other emoji sites with copy/paste compatibility that you have found?

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