How to Clean CPAP with Webetop CPAP Cleaning Machine

So I like so many people out there have sleep Apnea, which means I have to sleep with a CPAP mask at night to help stay alive, Jack Black even has Sleep Apnea and has to sleep with a CPAP mask so it is far more common than you think.  One thing I found most difficult with a CPAP machine after extended use was the fact the air would smell stale and just wasn’t pleasant, I tried using various cleaners, filter replacements and cleaned the water tank regularly but I could not get that unpleasant odor out of the tubing (which was replaced) and the machine itself.  I have to thank my wife for suggesting I take a look at this Webetop Mini Compact CPAP Cleaner machine because this single handedly is the most valuable accessory to my CPAP to date.

The Webetop CPAP Cleaner uses charged ozone to completely neutralize odors and sanitize your entire CPAP and you can use it one of two ways, you can connect your CPAP hose to the Webetop CPAP cleaner and the other end to the CPAP machine itself and clean the entire system which includes using the ozone to sanitize the water tray and the filter.  If you do it this way make sure you spill out and replace any water before using the CPAP again after.  I do recommend you do it this way once every few weeks.

The other method is to connect the CPAP hose to the Webetop CPAP cleaner and then leave the other end connected to the CPAP mask and put it in the included black bag and seal it shut.  This way the CPAP cleaner runs ozone through it all disinfecting and deodorizing very effectively.  Make sure you run your CPAP a few minutes after the CPAP cleaner completes to flush out all the residual ozone which can be bad for your health and can be overpowering.

The CPAP Cleaner from Webetop is smaller than the CPAP itself and includes 1 attachment to help make sure your CPAP hose fits.  It supports most types of CPAP machines and I was using the Resmed Airsense 10 with the Airfit 10 Full Face Mask with it.    You simply plug it in and it has a battery where it can clean your CPAP even while portable, you press the power button and the green light comes on while it starts it’s cleaning cycle.  It will beep after the cleaning cycle and do a flush cycle after, and you get another series of beeps when it is completed.  It takes about 15 minutes total to run it through a full CPAP cleaning and I have to say this does such a great job my CPAP is brand new after cleaning it each time.

Make sure again that you run the CPAP a few times after cleaning just to flush out the ozone and make sure you spill out the water tank if you clean the CPAP with water in the tank, other than that I can’t recommend this product enough if you use a CPAP and want to get a longer lifespan out of your hoses, mask and water tanks as it greatly reduces how often you need to replace those items.

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