How to Convert MKV video formats to MP4 video formats?

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How to Convert MKV video formats to MP4 video formats?

The video converters are one of the software to be used regularly for the conversion of videos from one format to another. Every video follows a particular format and extension, and if you have different devices to play them, the chances are high that you will have a tough time playing them across the platforms.

I was unaware about the same, till the time I came across a situation, where I desired to convert MKV format video to MP4. I use to have Apple devices, and they do have a specific format to follow for recording videos and audios, the well known name in one of them is MKV. It was my convocation ceremony, and I was recording videos of my friends while receiving the awards from the authorities. Once we finish off the party, I started receiving messages from my friends to hand over their footage to them. So, I started sharing their videos through my mobiles. And then something unusual happened to me, my friends started complaining about the videos recorded by me as most of them were using different devices to play the video. And was sending me a message saying that they couldn’t be able to watch it due to technical glitches. I spoke to my friend who work as video transcriptionist in a renowned company. He advised me to convert the videos into MP4. As MP4 format is recognized by most of the devices, my friends will not issue with the same.

After listening to him, I went through many video converters online and found a few of them having good public reviews. One of the video converters having great reviews was UniConverter from Wondershare Technology, offering the best services for the clients. With the intentions to have a look, I proceed forward for converting videos into the popular formats. My experience till now has been quite good and can able to pass on the videos to my friends too. They are easy to operate and their tutorial can explain any layman to convert or edit videos.

I look forward to more instances for seeking video conversion assistance through the software.

For converting MKV format into an MP4 player with the help of online UniConverter:

For converting the MKV format videos into the MP4 format through online UniConverter, you do not seek any issues as it is quite easy to use and generate quality based results. Let’s know about the process that you should implement for converting MKV format into MP4 with the help of online UniConverter.

  • Open the online UniConverter on your web browser and start adding your files you are seeking conversion. For adding you can drag and drop your video files on the window or can hit the “+” button.
  • Now click on “convert” tab to start over and your files will be converted in the desired format. This is one of the quickest and fastest video converters used by me.

How to convert MKV format videos into MP4 with the help of desktop UniConverter?

The desktop UniConverter are for the people looking for the professional video converter. The video converter doesn’t know any restrictions and can provide you many services you have thought of. It is one of the best choices for the people seeking professional services in video conversion.

Let’s know how to convert MKV format files into MP4 format through desktop UniConverter software:

  1. Download and install the desktop UniConverter on your system. The software allows you to drag and drop the files on the homepage or you can look for adding files by hitting on “+Add files”.

2. Once you have added MKV format look for the video category and click on MP4 format to proceed.

3. If you desire for editing the MKV file, you can select the thumbnail and edit it on this stage. The software allows you to trim, crop, add subtitles as per your requirement. Else you can skip and proceed for the video conversion.

4. Now finally you can hit on convert all button for triggering the conversion process of MKV to MP4 format. The MKV files are converted into MP4 without any loss of quality here. After it is converted click on export and start uploading to the platforms like YouTube for sharing your file on social media directly. You can also transfer the MKV files to your Android or iPhone device by UniConverter.

While both the tools are perfect in converting videos from one format to another, both of them have some limitations too. Let’s know about the critical difference between online UniConverter and desktop UniConverter:

  1. The desktop UniConverter is for the people who faces the requirement of converting or editing videos regularly, on the other hand, the online UniConverter are for the people who are not professionally active in the video industry and at times require the conversion for their work.
  2. The desktop UniConverter allows the user to upload many videos at a time for the batch conversions while the online UniConverter allows only two videos to upload at a time. Also to the online UniConverter can only upload the videos with the 100MB limit.
  3. The desktop UniConverter can be operated only by downloading the software on your device, while the online UniConverter can be open in your device web browser at any given point of time.

Wondershare Technology, based in HongKong, is one of the companies dealing with every possible service in video editing sector. They have achieved many milestones in helping people looking for a solution in video editing services. They are best in their industry and have launched many products in videos industry like Filmora, UniConverter, etc.

If you are seeking a possible solution for your video conversion and editing query, feel free to reach out to Wondershare Technology to find the best solution.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.