How to Fix Blurry Chrome in Windows 8.1

One thing I noticed after updating to Windows 8.1 on my Intel AIO PC which uses the Intel Graphics Display adapter is that my Chrome browser in desktop mode was very blurry, it wasn’t sharp and clear like it was in Windows 8 and if you set Chrome to load in Windows 8 mode instead of desktop mode it becomes crisp and sharp again.  So after doing some research I found out it is related to the Display Scaling.  This problem doesn’t affect the native Windows 8.1 start menu and applications and blurry applications only show up in Windows 8.1 desktop applications when this starts to occur.  I have only now seen this issue on Intel HD Graphics computers and have not seen it on AMD computers or others running Nvidia or AMD graphics cards.

Here is what the blurry Chrome looked like in Windows 8.1


So to fix your Chrome browser or any browser being blurry in Windows 8.1, all you need to do is right click on the application.

Click properties

Click on the Compatibility tab


Check mark Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

Click Apply

Click OK.

Restart Chrome.


And you should have sharper text and the blurry issue with the browser should be resolved, the same solution works for blurry IE and Firefox on Windows 8.1 Desktop mode as well.  This is also a fix for some games that run in Windows desktop mode if you get blurring in images or text in the game too.

This typically happens if you are running at the highest screen resolution, though if you are running at lower resolutions you can use the graphics settings to adjust your Maintain Display Scaling.


Typically if you are running at the max resolution for your screen, then you cannot disable this setting, but if you are running on a lower resolution you can disable this setting or set it to center or something else and just have black bars on the sides of the screen.

So for anyone who is looking to try and fix the blurry Chrome on Windows 8.1 maybe this article will help you with your own blurry Windows application issue.  Let me know if this helped solve your blurry Chrome issue or if you have any questions.

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