How to Install Clash of Clans on Kindle Fire HD, HDX

My kids are big into Clash of Clans of course which is one of the biggest mobile games out and has been for some time (micro-transaction hell if you let it) but let’s say you are a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HDX owner.  Amazon does not list Clash of Clans in their app store at this time, mostly this has to do with games not using Amazon’s micro-transaction system I think, but there is still a way to install Clash of Clans on your Kindle Fire Manually.  I will list 2 methods, one is a website I found that has all the instructions and links to APK file hosted for you, normally I don’t trust direct sites and their hosted links on mediafire, but I scanned them and they were valid.  The 2nd method is to manually extract and download the latest APK file from Google Play directly so this actually means you get it from the source rather from another site hosting the file if you don’t want to be trusting.

First you have to make sure your Kindle Fire allows apps to be installed from unknown sources, go into your settings and applications screen the Fire HD/HDX and switch “Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources” to “On.”

Easiest Way to Install Clash of Clans for Kindle Fire HD/HDX

Visit from your Silk browser, here you will find the download link and instructions, really you just download link and install the application.  Amazon lets you do direct installs of APK files now if you download them from the Silk Browser, in previous versions you had to use things like ES File Explorer to find the files you downloaded and install them which meant installing another application first.

Then you have it on your Carousel

Open it up and enjoy!

Now if you want to get the APK file manually follow these steps, again easier of you do from Kindle Fire so you can download and open file right away, if you do this from your desktop then you will have to copy the APK file to your Kindle Fire and use ES File Explorer to browse and open/install it.

Download Latest Clash of Clans from Source

Go to

Copy in “com.supercell.clashofclans” which is the Google Play Store APP ID for Clash of Clans

Click Generate Download Link

Click on the green download button to download your APK file and install it on your Kindle Fire HD or HDX.

Warning, don’t blame me if you get hooked on Clash of Clans or wind up being sucked into it’s micro-transaction hell.   Also I know some people get frustrated logging in to find all their stuff was raided and destroyed all the time, so if you are a base builder that doesn’t want your stuff destroyed this may annoy you.

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