How to Properly Clean Your iPad?

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Who doesn’t love to flaunt their latest Apple products? We all do! But at times, it can become a bit of a hassle to keep them clean and shiny forever. Not anymore.

Here are a few easy and the most effective ways to clean your iPad and maintain it on the go:

1. Cleaning the iPad Screen

The screen of your iPad is the dirtiest part as it often comes in contact with your fingers. It is simply not possible to always operate your iPad with clean hands. Therefore dirt, oil, and grime are sure to transfer on to the screen. If you do not clean the iPad screen often enough, it can accumulate layers of grime and become dull and non-responsive with time.

Cleaning an iPad is a fairly simple process. All you will need is a clean, soft cloth and an iPad cleaning solution. You can get the iPad cleaning solution at any Apple Store and we highly recommend you to only use the authentic product for the best results. Further, make sure that the cloth you are using is completely lint-free.

Once you have the required stuff in place with you, simply dip the cloth in the cleaning solution, wring it dry so that it is not dripping with water and wipe your iPad screen with it. Also, do not forget to check the instructions mentioned on the cleaning solution before using it.

While wiping the screen you should also make sure to rub the screen gently and concentrate on removing the dirt first and then polish it further to restore the luster.

2. Cleaning the back of the iPad

The process of cleaning the back is similar to cleaning the screen of the iPad. However, since the back is much less delicate than the screen, you can afford to be a little rough while cleaning it. You will need the same cloth that you used to wipe the screen and preferably the same cleaning solution.

However, you can also use other cleaning solutions for the back such as the liquid used for cleaning refrigerators and televisions. You will also have to ensure that none of the liquid enters any of the headphone port or slides inside the body of the iPad. It will also be convenient to have another dry cloth at hand to dry both the screen and the back after wiping them with the cleaning solution.

3. Follow the right method

It is highly recommended to follow the right method to clean the screen of your iPad properly. To begin with, shut down your device by long pressing the sleep/wake button and then use the slide to power off switch. Then, use the cleaning solution and cloth we talked about in the above steps and clean gently without scrubbing vigorously as this might damage the screen.

Keep rubbing the screen gently in small circular motion until the screen sparkles. Also, use the cleaning solution in limited amount to make sure that you don’t end up damaging your device.

4. Cleaning the headphone jack

The headphone jack of an iPad is one of the trickiest parts of the iPad to clean. Many times, dirt and debris can get deposited in the headphone jack which can create connectivity issues between the iPad and the headphones. The easiest way to clean your headphone jack is to use a Q-tip which is used for cleaning our ears.

The Q-tip is the optimum size for being inserted in the headphone jack and rotated around so that its soft cotton cleans all the dust without causing any damage to the internal parts. Alternatively, you can also get an air-can to blow out the dirt from the headphone jack.

5. Cleaning the iPad case

If you do not already have a case for your iPad, we strongly recommend that you get one as soon as possible. A case provides security to the iPad during travel and prevents it from shattering if it accidentally slips from your hands. An iPad case can also easily gather dust, dirt and oily grime just like the iPad screen does and needs to be cleaned to make sure that your health does not fall prey to any of the nasty virus and bacteria.

You can clean a silicone iPad case with any regular cleaning solution by wiping it with a clean cloth. If you have a leather iPad case, you can clean it by using a stronger cleaning agent such as detergent or liquid hand-wash.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.