How to Store Board Games?

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Board games are back to the grace. It seems like the time has never stopped for this kind of entertainment. We can observe an increase in the families that gather together to have a great game night! It is incredible because we can play the same board game, regardless of the age of players and at the same time, everyone has a lot of fun. There is no doubt, board games are timeless and yet, every family owns at least of them. If you think about it for a minute, you wouldn’t find a family that has never had or played a board game with kids. Moreover, your parents had probably brought to your family house a few of them and taught you to play them. Most of the world’s population has a board game collection. Having a collection does not mean that your entire room must be fulfilled with board games. An average family admits having around 2 or 3 board games. Even though, you might not play every single evening, there always comes this time when you feel like playing. You bear in mind the fact that they are always prepared to get taken out of your storage space, so you are able to arrange a great evening for your friends or family. Board games gain their popularity because they can be described with a lot of advantages, apart from being timeless. Here are listed a few more of them:

  • Interpersonal contacts improvement

We are living in a digital age.  The Internet has opened many doors and made our lives much easier.  In contrast, people have been stopping to communicate with each other. Nowadays, it is more common to text someone on social media, rather than come over to their place. As humans, we need to personally communicate with another human, so  playing board games makes us interact with others. It somehow forces players to focus, so there is no time to be active online.

  • Family ties strengthening

Time flies so quickly. Days, weeks, months and years are passing by and we still have not got sufficient time to manage everything what we would like to. Everyone wishes to spend more time with their beloved ones, but there is always something more important to do and 24 hours are not enough for one day to complete all our tasks. Once you gather together with your family, you should make this quality time valuable. A board game might be a good idea to make everyone really engaged in one activity. Besides, it creates a lot of fun and laughter.

  • Stress reduction

It has been known globally that socialising reduce stress and makes feel calm. Studies show that having a hobby and spending time with important people make us more stress-resistant.  Entities who are passionate about something happen to be calmer, happier and are clear about what they expect from life.

Board games storage

Now, you already know why board games are one of the timeless things. Until now, there is no other entertainment that would be this fun for everybody. Probably, you would like to store  your game collection in a way that they are safe, but not disturbing at the same time. There are many ways to store your board games. It also depends on the space conditions that you are able to arrange as game storage. Board game storage ideas are limitless., but you can try one of those that we propose below:

  • gaming shelves/ game shelving,
  • game boxes,
  • closet organizer,
  • bookcase,
  • carrying cases,
  • baskets.

Whatever option you choose, remember to store your board game collection in a dry place. Make sure there is not much sunlight in that place.  Do not store it in a basement because there is a risk that you will not take them out soon again.

What about miniatures?

There are certain kinds of board games that include miniatures. The miniatures are fragile, so you must be very careful while playing with them. All the more, they also require storage ideas to keep them safe and minimise the risk of damage. A perfect option is a miniature carrying case that effectively protects miniatures. The cases are designed to provide the best protection for your valuable minis. There are many manufacturers available on the market, so everyone can choose a case that will suit their needs. You could try to store the figures in a game box, but it is not as convenient as the cases that are dedicated to provide the required protection. Moreover, thanks to the cases you can travel with board games all over the world. They are pretty handy to use and most of them should be water-resistant.

Find out more about miniature carrying cases here: and

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.