How to Stream Games to Twitch from Your Fire HD Tablet

Say you got a Kindle Fire Tablet and you want to be able to do mobile streaming to Twitch from your Fire HD tablet, or maybe even stream to Mixer from your Fire HD tablet.  Well here is a way you can accomplish this using the Google Play Streamlabs app that you install on your Fire tablet by sideloading it.  You don’t need to root your device or anything.


Step 1 – Configure Fire HD to Allow 3rd Party App Installations

Open your Fire Settings

Go to Security and Privacy

Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”

Step 2 – Install Streamlabs Mobile App

Open Safari browser

Copy/paste this link or click on this link > to download the Streamlabs Google Play App.  I already created the package for you using my tip to sideload apps for your Kindle Fire.

Install the APK file that you see at bottom of screen showing that is downloaded, if you don’t know where it is, install the ES File Explorer app from Amazon App store and find the Streamlabs APK file with that app.

Once Streamlabs Opens you can go through the settings and connect it with your Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or Facebook accounts and setup your widgets (I won’t cover that).  Once you assign it to your Twitch or Mixer account however, you then will see a screen button on the top right of the Streamlabs App on your Kindle Fire.  Click that button and it will go into “Screen Recording” mode.

Make sure Mic Recording is enabled or disabled as you want it, and then click the record button.  Then choose to share your screen rather than IRL if you want to stream whatever is displayed on the Kindle Fire to Twitch or Mixer.

Note the button to the left of the screen record button will show your Twitch events on your Kindle Fire screen which can be too intrusive so you may want to limit only for quick checks of events and chats while streaming.

Happy Streaming to Twitch from Your Fire HD Tablet.

Any questions, ask below.

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