HUTbIT Digital Weight and Body Fat BMI Scale Review

When it comes to getting healthy, just knowing your weight isn’t always enough. Depending on your body type and goals, knowing your other health stats such as your body fat percentage, BMI, basal metabolism rate, etc., can help you know if you’re going in the right direction or not. For example, if you wanted to gain muscle, this scale would help you determine how much muscle you’re gaining or if you’re just gaining water weight or fat. When HUTbIT reached out to have their digital scale reviewed, I was happy to give it a spin to see how it worked. Overall, it works exactly how described and gave all the details that a regular scale can’t give you.

Measurements on the HUTbIT

The HUTbIT digital scale measures your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolism rate and metabolic age.

How to set it up

After you open the scale, inside the instructions is the QR code you scan so you can download the Feelfit app that will give you all the measurements. You download the app, sign up, set up a profile and then it’s time to get on the scale. Take off your socks when you step on it so it can get an accurate measurement. The measurements take about 20 seconds. Once you’re on, your phone will connect to the scale through bluetooth and load your stats. You can create unlimited profiles for the different people in your home.

Here’s what it looks like when it loads all your stats:

Overall thoughts

When it comes to getting all of your health data, the HUTbIT scale is a great option. I wish the weight was in lbs instead of stones and having to convert it. It wasn’t too big of a deal, but thankfully the weight on the scale itself is in lbs. Every time you get on the scale, it records it to the app so you can see your progress in every area.

Here’s a video to show you exactly how it works:

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it.  All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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