iKits 10 Port USB Charging Station and USB Cable Review

So iKits sent us not only a 10 port USB Charging Station to review, but also a pack of MicroUSB cables so that we can show how conveniently they pair with the USB hub.  So what you get here is a very convenient way to charge your entire household worth of gadgets in one place.

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The iKits 10 Port USB Charging Station also comes with slots that conveniently hold your gadgets vertically so that you can fit more devices in the same amount of space instead of stacking them.  This works well for tablets and phones, but devices with thick cases/covers (like an Otterbox Defender Case) will have trouble fitting in between the slots.

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I just decided to load my iKits USB Charging station with a ton of random gadgets that charge via USB ports.  These included 2 Kindle Fire HDX 7, a External Battery Stick, a Verizon 4G LTE Hotspot Hub, a pair of Bluetooth Headphones and a Microdrone, as well as another USB headset hanging off a wall hook.  As you can see the slots worked for some devices, but many were too big for the slot.



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This method of charging devices only really works well to reduce cable clutter if you pair the hub with the iKits 6″ USB cables, this way you create a tangle-less cord system where each cord loops beautiful up into the device that is charging without having excess cord that has to be tied off or just looks like a hanging mess of cords.

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iKits sells a 5 pack of these .5 ft USB cables so they work very well with the hub, they also sell .5 feet Lightning Cables to so you can charge your iOS devices with the Android devices side by side and it is highly recommended you get a pack of short cables to save on cord space.

ikits (6)Overall the iKits 10 Port USB Charging station is fantastic, it does  have 6 USB ports that are clearly defined as 5V1A ports which are for your phones or smaller Bluetooth devices (earbuds, headsets…etc).  The 4 5V2.4A ports are designed for your tablets or quick charge devices, you can’t have all 10 ports output 2.4A or else you will blow a typical 15A circuit if you plug in too many 2.4A devices, so this is about the max a typical circuit can safely take.  I will still point out if you are actually charging all 10 devices via USB, you are using a significant amount of potential amperage and if you have a lot of regular A/C devices plugged into the same wall outlet or into a power strip you can trip your circuit breaker so just know, if you plan on filling it up adjust your power arrangement accordingly.

Video Review of the iKits 10 Port USB Charging Hub

Disclaimer: iKits provided me with the 10 Port USB Charging Station so I could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product.  All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.



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