The Importance of Using Quality Forms in Your Website

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A form is your gateway to collecting information from customers, end users or even just readers who you are soliciting feedback for.  Forms really are the backbone of every piece of data collection you embed into your website and are used for contacting, surveying, or simply filling out information so you can provide a service or ship a product.  This is why it is imperative that you make forms not only visually attractive to entice and keep users interested in filling them out, but also collect all of the important pieces of information you need and only the information you need.

If you do surveys often or constantly poll for information then you definitely don’t want to deal with manually coding forms and would benefit to a platform that offers form builder or forms creation features to make creating forms simple and easy.  You want something that can not only provide a customized look and feel to your form but one that can also allow you to easily add fields with varying input types.


You want to design forms that are just as easy to fill out on mobile devices as they are on desktops and they should include specific mobile functions, ones that are responsive and synchronize data quickly as well.  When selecting a form platform you want one that is easy to integrate with whatever website design you are using whether it is a traditional web front end or a CMS platform like WordPress as well.

You may also want detailed analytics and reports for your form submissions, this data can be much like Google Analytics and tell you not only the answers filled out in the forms but get geographical breakdown, browser types, and even do reporting and analytics categorizing and summarizing results which is especially important for surveys or feedback based forms.

You may even have a need for logic and branching forms, forms which start off with a question or a series of question but branch into different questions based on the initial responses instead of the same generic template of questions for all end users, they get more a more tailored form experience that is responsive based on their answers making it seem more intuitive and relevant to them personally.

Forms are your communication channel and are used for virtually all information gathering as stated, even building your mailing list comes from filling out a form so make sure you are taking the time to create the best form that not only attracts users but collects the data you really need and presents it in the format you need.

This article about using online forms was brought to you by which is a comprehensive forms platform giving you all the features you need to create amazing forms that will help you collect the information you are looking for and provide all of the reporting and analytics you need.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.