Incentivibe Giveaway Platform Shutting Down

If you have been using Incentivibe as a customer you probably already received the email alert notifying you that the Incentivibe giveaway platform is shutting down.  This I find to be a real shame as there was tremendous value in the Incentivibe platform and both my readers and peer bloggers I know loved the platform.  It offered a great way to partner and collaborate with peer bloggers to offer much larger prizes by splitting the prize costs with other customers.  This of course did lower the odds for entrants as there were so many more sites now co-hosting, but it was still a great way to generate buzz and interest.



I had some impressive stats running Incentivibe for 3 months on and the largest benefit was in email subscriber growth.  My mailing list nearly doubled in 3 months and I had to purchase a larger mailing list plan on SimplyCast as a result of breaking over 10,000+ subscribers total to my mailing newsletter.

Alas, the $25 per month funding that was going to the Incentivibe platform will be re-distributed to other giveaways but I have not been able to find another service even close to match what Incentivibe offered.  This was a free peer exchange platform where you could host a giveaway with other bloggers.  Maybe someone needs to create a blogging sweepstakes platform where bloggers can social network and collaborate on giveaways, you post a giveaway and co-sponsors wanted and people can sign up.  Sounds like an idea for a service, I know so many bloggers who want to run giveaways but need to partner and split costs as they can’t fund that much marketing budget themselves.

With so many giveaway platforms that let you build your own widgets and host your own giveaways like, Punchtab, PromoSimple, Rafflecopter, and others, none of them directly help bloggers find each other to co-sponsor a giveaway and are all centered around you just starting your own giveaway and finding co-hosts and sponsors all on your own through your own channels.

If I had the time, I would build such a service.or I am thinking about doing a giveaway collaboration group on Facebook, where people who just want to come together to sponsor giveaways can network and partner with each other.  Anyway farewell to Incentivibe which was an exceptional ROI for bloggers who like to run sweepstakes and if anyone comes across a similar service feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

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