Preserve WordPress Script and HTML Markup

As I run a lot of giveaways and giveaways that are hosted on any external platform use script embed tags which if you are familiar with WordPress get lost if you switch between the visual and html or text editors of the WordPress editor screen.  Well finally after months of just dealing with this annoyance a few co-hosts of PromoSimple giveaways prompted me to find a solution.  This solution would be a way that you can switch between the WordPress text and visual editor modes without the script or html tags being crushed by the switch to visual editor.

The solution might be found with the Preserved HTML Editor Markup WordPress plugin and I tested it on my sandbox blog before putting it live on Dragon Blogger Technology and can tell you it works like a charm.


So what this plugin does is disable the WordPress wpautop function both server side and client side, so that it will not execute.  This means you will no longer lose your <br> tags or any other tags that would be lost when switching between text and visual mode in WordPress, but the best benefit is if you run Rafflecopter, PromoSimple, Punchtab, or GiveawayTools giveaway widgets.  This means if you need to make edits or you happen to open the post in visual editor mode, you won’t break the embed widget for your script anymore.

This one plugin will probably save me half a dozen “giveaway post” fixes per month and I know at least 3 or 4 other bloggers than run into this issue periodically and can benefit from the Preserved HTML Editor Markup WordPress plugin so that they don’t break their giveaway script code when switching between the visual tab in the WordPress post editor and the text tab.


Your script and various html code will now stay intact and not be ruined when you switch back and forth between the two editor tabs in WordPress, this is also very convenient if you have multiple authors for your WordPress blog and will save them a lot of grief too.

I tested this plugin on 5 sites and found no issues, the older version had a “Fix Tool” but there is no fix tool and none needed in the later 1.5 version of the plugin.  I checked and it is a 5 star rated plugin and there are still recent positive comments even though the plugin hasn’t been updated in a while.

If you use PromoSimple on your blog or any other giveaway widget code, you will really want to use the Preserved HTML Editor Markup WordPress plugin which can be found for free in the WordPress plugin library.

**I should use some caution in that this plugin can cause paragraph structure to get wonky on some old posts, particularly if odd tags/html was used for line breaks so make sure you test out your posts carefully if you use this plugin.  Disabling the plugin reversed any side effects from my testing however.

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