Tmart Looking for Bloggers to Review Products

So many peer bloggers ask me how to find advertisers to offer products for them to review and this is a great opportunity that Tmart approached me with that both helps them find bloggers as well as bloggers find products that they can get to review and help jump start their product review goals.  Tmart offers a wide variety of gadgets and accessories and is willing to offer free products to bloggers in exchange for reviews provided the blogs meet certain criteria.  The great think is that they have something for virtually every single niche of blogger out there not just for tech bloggers.

Here is a small sample of products that they are offering in exchange for reviews right now.

WL toys 2019 Radio Control Mini High Speed Racing Car Black(Original price $35.99)


TT66 2Channel Infrared Remote Control Helicopter Blue(Original price $26.98)


168 Color Eye shadow Palette Eyelash Liner Makeup Set 002(Original price $51.25)

16GB New Style Leather USB2.0 Flash Drive Coffee (Original price $15.07)


Here are the criteria your blog must meet to be considered:

  • Blog must be PR1+
  • Blog must be indexed by Google
  • Blog domain age has to be greater than 6 months
  • If you have already done product reviews for Tmart, then just contact who you worked with before instead of applying again through this request.

If your blog qualifies and you want to review either one of the above products or offer your blog to review another type of product, then send an email to and make sure you include the following specific details in your email:

  • Blog URL
  • Creation Date
  • Daily Traffic (Average from last 2 months)
  • Favorite product/type of products on that you would be interested in reviewing

You should receive a response within a day or two at most whether or not you are accepted, where your shipping information will be required.  You will be sent the product to review and don’t have to pay for any shipping charges.  You receive the product, you write a review on the product including 1 or 2 images of the product in your review.  You also will mention Tmart Reviews in the article and have 1 link to

The rest of the information will be provided if you are accepted but that is a high level overview on what they are looking for. Feel free to share this information with any blogger who is looking for some free products to review.

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