Why Incorporate Quality Video and Audio in your Blog?

Hey there.  Do you feel as if your blog is lacking?  Do you feel as if it just doesn’t have the pizazz that other blogs have?  You know you write good stuff, you’ve been told that “content is king” but you still feel as if your blog is under performing.  Once you’ve obtain readers, you simply need to continue with your content to keep them.  But what about casual readers that stop by, glance at the site, and surf away.  If I were to land on page with nothing but words, I’ll admit that I will more than likely turn away.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because if content is king, then presentation is definitely queen and without a little eye candy to keep readers reading, it will be tough to snag those casual visitors.

This may be a good reason as to why many bloggers are now adding more audio and visuals to their blogs.  Not only can a casual reader be able to see and connect with that blog author, but the blogger can now expand and incorporate quality video production and strong audio clips to entice readers to check it out.  It opens many possibilities to a blog author.  After all, why be confined to just writing about an experience when you can express that emotion through a voiceover or through a raw, emotional sound clip.  A great example of using voiceovers would be to recite poetry.  Think about it.  Words are powerful, but words are also full of emotion.  You can only get half of the author’s intended emotion by reading poetry and unless you can hear the author reciting the piece, you will never get the full effect.  Not only can a poet connect with his readers on an intellectual level, but with well thought out audio clips, can connect with them on an emotional level as well.

What if poetry is not your thing.  What if you’re more of the artist.  A well thought out slide show may be what you need to showcase your work.  You can have a short video showcasing a few pieces while you provide a post or voice work detailing the piece.  Or if you’re more into the comic genre, you can create story board videos and have voice actors give life to your drawings.  With video and audio clips in your blog, you can expand on your niche and reach a wider audience.

With a little time and effort, you can transform your blog from mediocre to awesome.  I too, am a blogger, and I too want my small mediocre piece of the blogosphere to be the best it can.  That’s why I’m looking at ways to add video and audio to my site.  We all have some originality in us and we, all bloggers, have the drive.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t take the time and effort to create our online blog.  Consider the possibilities and the ideas will become infinite.  Later!

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