Innoo Tech Anear 60W USB Charger Review

I may have a higher amount of portable gadgets than most people and I recognize this, so when I was offered the chance to review the 60W USB Charger from Innoo Tech I jumped on the opportunity.  This is because I needed the 6th ports having used up all 5 of my USB charging ports on my previous charger.  Besides my previous charger only supported 2 (2.1A output ports and the rest were 1.1A) with the Innoo Tech Anear 60W USB Charger you get 2.4A per port and it’s intelligent sensor means you don’t have to care about which tablet or phone you plug into which port, use any port to charge any device and just don’t sweat it.

anearcharger (3)


The device is white compared to most black chargers which is a nice change if you have a white desk which I happen to have.

anearcharger (4)

It also includes a plastic stand if you want to hold your Anear USB Charger vertical instead of horizontal, the stand is plastic and a little flimsy however and when plugging and unplugging USB ports it makes the devices very prone to falling over or just sliding around so it is best to put and keep it in a stand after you finish plugging stuff in, but because the stand is so flimsy you always have to rather securely hold it all when adding or removing devices, I was hoping for a more solid stand with rubberized feet to help make it a bit more secure and firm in it’s position.

anearcharger (2)

The Innoo Tech Anear 60W USB Charger really delivers on it’s auto-sensing and power delivery.  I tried a multitude of devices with my DROK USB Port tester and watched how the voltage and amp adjusted perfectly to each devices needs no matter which port I used.

anearcharger (5)

anearcharger (6)

All 6 ports were able to charge fine and I started loading gadget after gadget into the Anear charger after doing individual port testing.


anearcharger (1)

anearcharger (7)


Though the pictures only show 3 devices plugged in, at one point I had all 6 ports in use and 6 devices charging including the following:

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, 2 Kindle Fire HDX 7, iPhone 5S, Bluetooth Headset and an External 12000mAH Battery charging all six devices were on and powering without issue at all and this by far was 100% satisfactory to me.

The only area of improvements I can mention for the ANEAR that prevent me from giving it 5 stars are the flimsy stand, the lack of rubber feet on the device or stand and the power cord to plug the ANEAR charger into the wall is very short, I mean way too short.  It should be at least 2 feet longer because if you have a tall desk or want to position your Anear charger out of the way, you have to use an extension cord to add the extra distance.

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