AccelaStudy Turns iPad or iPhone as a Foreign Language Study Guide

As business transactions and investments become increasingly global, being bilingual or trilingual is an extremely marketable asset for recent college graduates and young professionals. Currently, there are a large numbers of new virtual tools and resources to help you learn both the grammar rules and the vocabulary of a foreign language. Rosetta Stone is an expensive program, which has gained followers and users worldwide. A popular new iPhone/iPad Application, called AccelaStudy, is a simple more affordable resource, which is free in its basic form. Even if you don’t need to learn a new language, the application can help while you travel abroad for business or leisure.  It can be particularly useful for foreign language students (or anyone new learning a language, for that matter), as you can learn to communicate at a beginner’s level in a few weeks time. There are various other language applications available in the App Store, which you usually have to pay for. This one is free! Below, the application’s components are discussed in more detail.


The application has a plan for its users, which groups the categories the application covers. For example, in the application for studying Spanish, the user will lean words for families, colors, condiments, days, months, seasons, numbers, shopping, weather, and food. These all comprise a total of 8 categories. The users can also add their own study sets and plan of study, based on the category.


Once you have an overview of what the language application covers, you can start studying! The program first has a study section, where you are given a word in both English and Spanish. You can hear the word and how it is pronounced in the foreign language.


The application also has a flashcard component, where each virtual flashcard gives you a word in English or Spanish. You can think of the word in the foreign language/its English translation and scroll to the next index card. You can also hear the word out loud, if necessary! This is a great way to keep up with vocabulary, even while you are travelling!


These quizzes are a great way to test your vocabulary skills. The quizzes are multiple choice, and they are scored at the end. The results are added to your plan of study, which keeps track of your vocabulary comprehension.

Translator Component

This may be one of the most useful components of the iPhone/iPad application. You can type in words or sentences and get the translation into English or in the foreign language you are learning!

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