iPod Classic – Store Software, Backup, Photos and Ebooks – More Than Just A Music Player!

Apple’s iPods have been dominating the personal music player market for as long as they have existed. Post Steve Jobs, even though we might miss some of the amazing and path-breaking inventions, iPods, iPads and iPhones are here to stay. I’ve been using a 120 GB iPod Classic for the past two and a half years and haven’t grown tired of it yet! Having played music, videos and photo-slideshows on it for years and having read Ebooks for hours at a time, I can say one thing for sure – iPod Classic rocks!

Now having an astounding 160 GB hard disk space, [easyazon-link asin=”B001F7AHOG”]Apple iPod classic (7th Generation)[/easyazon-link] is much more than just a music player! You can stores full resolution photographs, TV shows, Movies, Ebooks (in text format), Podcasts, Contacts and games on the sleek little entertainment demon from Apple! With a free movie format converter like Videora and iTunes (the official media management software for all Apple devices) there is practically no limit to what you can do with an iPod!

Let’s take a look at the individual media formats you can store and play apart from other features.

iPod Classic Features

  1. Music – You can directly store common audio formats like mp3, wma, aac etc. and can also convert other formats like rm (Real Media) into these using free converters like Jodix. On a 160 GB hard disk, you can store more than 20,000 songs!
  2. Video – Movies and TV shows apart from your own videos can be converted to the proper format for storing on your iPod Classic using the free Videora iPod converter software. It takes a long time convert every video, but you can enjoy them anywhere you want later!
  3. Ebooks – You can add as many ebooks in the text (.txt) format as you wish by adding the files to the “Notes” folder using your PC/Mac’s file browser. This is especially cool if you need to cram some more formulae before a test.
  4. Photos – Wanna show off your clicks from the vacation last month? Just copy the full resolution pictures to your iPod using iTunes. You can set up auto-sync to copy all photos from specific folders to the iPod whenever you connect it to your PC/Mac. Browse individual images or play them in a slideshow with added music!
  5. Contacts – Wanna back up your cellphone contacts on your iPod? It’s totally easy now – just copy the contacts using iTunes!

You can access all the above files using the iPod itself, but there’s more! You can use the huge 160 GB disk space to backup your PC/Mac and store the setup files of important software programs, apart from media files. Never let anyone get away with saying “But iPods are just music players!”

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