Is Enhance Speech from Adobe worth the time?

Like any free tool online, you’re likely asking yourself if you should bother with it! The answer to this question in my opinion is an infallible yes. After several tests with Enhance Speech it’s quite clear that adobe has managed to create quite the AI powered tool. So what does it do you’re likely asking yourself now, as I did when I was first presented with this project. Well, it not only removes background noise but seems to tone and isolate your voice as if you were in a full-fledged recording booth! This is quite the technological leap, though it’s unfortunate that it’s not in the stage that they can simply add it to Audition. However, even considering that this’ll be quite the boon for the average content creator looking for perfect audio for their videos. So how do YOU go about using this fine, entirely free product? Let’s see!

How to use Enhance Speech!

It’s pretty simple, at the moment there’s not even any software to download! Just head on over to their site ( and log in to your adobe creative cloud account!

After that it’s honestly as simple as uploading a file, slipping the enhance speech slider on, and downloading it if it sounds up to par with what you’re looking for! (It likely does, it’s honestly fantastic.)

So Is It Worth your Time?

It most certainly is! This is a massive boon for any content creator handling non-live recordings, and can truly make your audio quite clear and fantastic. It’s simple to use, extreme quality in terms of Adobe products, and honestly just astounding. The entire Adobe Podcast site is truly phenomenal, with tools like an AI powered mic setup checker, as well as a few others that just cannot be beat. I hope all this information helps your recordings stick out and really shine! Take a peek down below for a video version of this article, complete with a short demonstration of just how Enhance Speech can change your audio for the better!



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