Is it Difficult to Build a Mobile App?

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What is the very first step to building an app? Should you begin with your own ideas? Or should you hire a team of developers the moment you decide you want to work on your own mobile project? Or should you start with the budget?

All of these questions disturb everyone who has ever thought about creating their own mobile projects. Today you’re going to get the answers to all of these questions, mapping out your own path of building a mobile app. Or maybe you’re going to change your mind after looking at this process from the inside out. So, what exactly should you start with when working on a mobile application – hiring mobile app development services or doing everything by yourself?

How to Build Your First Mobile App

Building a mobile application is quite an interesting process, which can be evaluated from different angles. For example, depending on the ideas you have and the concrete features, which you’re planning to build, you can do everything by yourself or hire a professional team of developers and testers. If your app is something small, which you’re not sure about, you can try yourself in creating it without additional help. But if you’re planning on something, which requires a lot of efforts, time, money, and what is more important – a revenue in the future, you have to work with professionals, who have programming experience.

There are two things you need to know well to build an app by yourself:

  • Xcode, which is an app that you build your applications with;
  • A programming language with a certain syntax and structure.

These two components work together, so you need to know both in order to get the result. It is like a pen and paper, which go together all the time. Xcode application is absolutely free and can be downloaded directly from the App store. Once you’ve had the app, you should install it and open on your computer. Then, go to the new project and start working on your app (of course, if you already know a programming language).

But building an app is not only about coding. What is more important is to think about your future project in details from the very beginning. Before doing any programming work, you have to create a clear vision of what your future app will look like and which functionalities it will obtain. What problems is your app going to solve? What audience will it be created for? How tough is a competition on the market? How big or small budget is it going to need? What kind of changes may you need to do during the developing process and how much will it cost?

All of these aspects should be discussed in details. The more detailed the analysis of work you have, the better the result will be.

In addition to thinking about all of the above, mobile apps can run on more than just phones now and you should consider whether you want your app to run on everything from tablets, smart appliances that use mobile apps to fancy Cartier smartwatches.  Now you understand why we recommend hiring a team of professional managers, developers, and testers for your mobile app projects, especially those big and expensive ones.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.