Is it worthwhile getting a screen protector for my iPhone?

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This is a perennial question for any iPhone owner, and there are plenty of discussions about what is the right answer.  At the end of the day it has to be a personal decision, but there are some very good reasons why getting a screen protector for your iPhone is a great idea.

Of course, much of the decision will often be based on the quality of the screen protector. Many screen protectors do not provide the best value for money. They don’t last, and end up having to be continually replaced. It’s important to invest in a high quality screen protector such as the Bodyguardz tempered glass screen protector. Screen protectors of this high quality provide long lasting complete protection.

Does using a screen protector affect functionality?

It’s often said that using a screen protector has an adverse effect on the functionality and user experience of an iPhone. This can apply to some screen protectors which are manufactured to provide a high level of protection, but in doing so reduce the ability of the user to control the functionality of the iPhone by touch.  Conversely, some iPhone screen protectors are produced with enabling complete functionality in mind, and do not provide the optimum level of protection.

Obviously, the best result a user can hope for is to obtain a high level of protection, while retaining the high level of functionality that is generally expected from an iPhone. Slim screen protectors made from tempered glass can provide all of this, in a package that represents the best value.

Why is protecting an iPhone screen such a good idea?

You may be wondering why it really matters whether an iPhone screen is protected or not. The fact is that it’s a lot easier to replace an iPhone screen protector than it is to replace the screen itself. Imagine dropping an iPhone on the ground, with no screen protector present. The screen ends up cracked or smashed, resulting in an expensive repair job. Now imagine dropping an iPhone that has a screen protector in place. The protector absorbs all of the impact and the screen remains unaffected. All that needs to be done is purchase a new screen protector.

It’s not just serious damage that can be prevented by using an iPhone screen protector, scratches and scuffs can be avoided too. Not everyone is worried about the condition of their iPhone screen, but many people are. This is especially the case if the iPhone is to be sold on when the user purchases the latest iPhone release. Protecting an iPhone screen from damage helps the phone to retain its value and improves the prospects for a good re-sale price.

It’s obvious that a good quality iPhone screen protector is a worthwhile investment. It helps to prevent potentially large repair costs and keeps the screen of the phone in good condition, for both ongoing use and the achievement of a good re-sale price.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.